Barack Obama Isn’t Done Embarrassing Us Yet


How do you follow up after making a fool of yourself sending John Kerry to Paris with James Taylor to sing, “You’ve Got a Friend” in commemoration of 17 people being massacred?

You accept an interview with GloZell Green!. She is a YouTube sensation and a big Obama fan who sometimes wears green lipstick and starts each of her 2 to 7 minute videos with, “Hello this is GloZell! Is you ok? Is you? Good, cause I wanted to know!”

No joke.

It’s a sad commentary on our nation and an even sadder one on the presidency.

Mr. Obama has confirmed that he will sit down for an interview with three of his favorite vloggers – YouTube stars – after the State of the Union address.


GloZell’s the strangest. Her first major hit was The Cinnamon Challenge, according to the Daily Mail. She has 10 million views and rocketed to YouTube fame by swallowing a ladle-full of ground cinnamon then gagging, retching, spitting and coughing for two and a half minutes.

I’m not kidding – see for yourself:

In another cereal challenge video she fills a tub with cereal and milk and then eats it:

The second interviewer will be Bethany Mota, the teenage YouTube star who graced Dancing With The Stars after her ‘hauls’ (shopping sprees) became a viral sensation.

Finally, the President will sit down with Hank Green – one half of the YouTube duo The Vlog Brothers, who operate under the tag line ‘Don’t Forget To Be Awesome’.Hank Green, whose most recent YouTube video is “14 Fart Facts for my Flatulent Friends”.