Barack Obama: Most Dangerous Man in America


Barack Obama has been accused of destroying our healthcare system, over-regulating businesses, and attempting to bankrupt our economy, but the fact is that he has been the catalyst for a far worse threat. It is no secret that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood though they are an umbrella group for terrorists, support terrorism, and actively engage in terrorism. He is disarming us and and our military while actively transforming us into a welfare state. He has opened up our borders to anyone who wants to enter. What is driving this?

Al Qaeda is an idea, a movement and their goal is global jihad culminating in a global caliphate.

The entire idea of “offshoots”, “affiliates”, or “Al Qaeda-linked groups” does not apply when considering the nature of the threat. They are one.

Like a spreading cancer, they will eventually kill the body of people. As individual groups united under the banner of jihad and in the name of Allah, they are able to appeal to more people because of their subtle differences. They lure people from regions that were not infiltrated with Islamic jihadists.

ISIS or IS is Al Qaeda. They have broken off or been somewhat rejected by Iran and Al-Zawahiri, but that is irrelevant because they are all the same people.

They are patient and are willing to wait for the erosion of Western culture if that is what it takes. They have, however, not hesitated to physically destroy all semblance of differing cultures in the Middle East and Africa.

IS was likely rejected by Al Qaeda’s established leadership because they are wary of losing control, not because they think IS is too violent. The West likes to assign normal motives to terrorists who value death over life.

VICE News media director Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks in the Syrian city of Raqqa, now firmly in the control of ISIS/ISIL or the IS.

Remember it was Mr. Obama who said Assad must go. We are left with this mess because we did not help the moderates fight them before they were infiltrated with radical Islamists.

They produced a five-part series showing what is happening in that part of the world and what they discovered should alarm every American.

IS has promised to come to America:

“I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established,” Abu Mosa, a spokesman for the terror group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), told VICE Media in a video interview posted online Thursday. “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq.”

“We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House,” he added.

The following video is the first of five. Go to VICE News for the other videos. Part 2 is up on their website

via VICE News

Mr. Obama thinks Al Qaeda “offshoots” are Jayvees.

It was only six years ago that Mr. Obama thought Iran was just a tiny country. In 2012, he thought Putin was not a threat.

He thinks we can talk his way into compromises with these terrorists. When Iran has a nuclear weapon, will they not pose a threat?

Mr. Obama wasn’t worried about Russia. It was so 1980’s. Mr. Obama arrogantly claimed Romney was always wrong and that we didn’t need troops in Iraq.

Siding with Turkey, no friend to Israel, Obama said Assad must go. He drew a red line over WMD use that he then ignored. Chemical weapons are still being used. Mr. Obama never helped the opposition and now we have something far worse.

Obama pushed for Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood dictator and took credit for it.

Mr. Obama went to war with Libya without the approval of Congress in violation of the War Powers Act. He dislodged Gaddafi who shared our goal of destroying Al Qaeda and had no interest in attacking the U.S.

Libya is now a failed state and exists in utter chaos.

He allegedly went to war over Libya to protect innocent Libyans. He said Gaddafi threatened the people of Benghazi. The people of Benghazi were mostly Al Qaeda – it was their stronghold.

He helped Al Qaeda but will not help the Kurds.

The following tweet from Lt. Col. Allan West’s account shows a baby allegedly about to be beheaded after his parents were murdered. If this is inaccurate, please know that they are routinely beheading children, raping and killing mothers and hanging fathers – they are terrorists.
killed parents beheaded baby

Mr. Obama assured us that Al Qaeda is on the run and Osama bin Laden is dead. He didn’t realize he was going to soon release al-Bagdahdi from a U.S. prison overseas.


The Guardian reported seeing an Al Qaeda flag hung on the gate of the Will Crooks estate on Poplar High Street, London. It is surrounded by flags of Palestine and slogans. (photo above).

It was torn down by a Catholic nun, Sister Catherine Frost, age 77 years. It had been there for days.

When the estate was approached by the Guardian, a group of about 20 Asian youths swore at the journalists and told them to leave the area immediately. One youth threatened to smash a camera.

One man passing by snapped a picture. He said he was confronted by a gang of youths who asked him: ‘Are you a Jew?’.

When he said: ‘Would it make a difference?’ they responded: ‘Yes it f****** would’, according to the Guardian.

While this is going on, Mr. Obama is disarming us. He is quickly reducing the size of our military so we can never again do anything to fight these monsters. He has not been shy in stating that this holds the express goal of making it impossible for us to wage any sustained wars in the future.

We have little available military in the Kurd region as they face annihilation along with the Yazidis. The Kurds have been begging the White House for arms and we could easily do it. Why won’t we? The Kurds are good allies. They are good people as are the Yazidis.

Mr. Obama has no real strategy or doctrine because he says there is no place for America in this region, the same region our oil comes from, the same region that will soon have a nuclear Iran, the same region inhabited by some of our allies, allies who now know that we will not come to help them.

The idea of ground troops have been taken off the table.

His only strategy is to protect his political agenda.

At the same time, Mr. Obama has opened up our U.S. borders and refuses to do whatever is necessary to close them, such as sending illegal immigrants home and putting agents on the border. We have a policy of putting agents 40 to 80 miles inside the border. We have little idea who is coming across those borders though we do know gang members, criminals and people from terrorist nations have crossed.

Mr. Obama is appalled that we water boarded three terrorists who actively participated in the deaths of nearly 3,000 innocent Americans and might have had knowledge of other planned attacks. He is not appalled by the terrorists from Africa whom he entertained this past weekend at the White House.

He obviously doesn’t care who comes into the United States as long as he increases the Democratic voter rolls in the future. He simply doesn’t care.

Today he is off to Martha’s Vineyard while hundreds of thousands of Kurds await annihilation because they don’t have enough ammunition. He offered no hope in his speech today. He simply doesn’t care.

Either Mr. Obama is a complete and utter fool or he is the enemy. Perhaps he is both.