Proof Barack Obama Is An Indonesian Citizen, More Probable Than Romney’s Tax Scandal

Allegedly, This is Barack Obama’s College Transcript When He Was Still Known As Barry Soetero

Let Obama prove he’s not from Indonesia or Kenya or Mars or wherever.

Click on Root for America, Wayne Allyn Root’s website, for his latest “rant” (Root’s word, not mine) claiming that Obama was an Indonesian citizen.

If Harry Reid thinks that Romney could escape paying taxes for ten years and needs to show all his tax returns, shouldn’t we also demand that Obama show his school records given the many questions that have arisen?

The following video was posted yesterday. In it, Mr. Root says that a Breitbart reporter has proof that Mr. Obama [or should I call Barack, Mr. Soetero? lol] was adopted by his stepfather, Lolo Soetero. That’s not an outlandish prospect though his half-sister, Maya Soetero, said it’s not true. Ms. Soetero could be reputable or not.

The Blaze reported Mr. Root’s accusation on August 6th and it has gone viral.

More information can be found at WND in which they also allege that a Breitbart reporter in Indonesia has the evidence. There is no mention of this on Breitbart’s site but stay tuned. One never knows.

Click here for the link to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference presenting his evidence that the Obama birth certificate is forged.

I have absolutely no idea if any of this is true but I have more evidence it is true than Harry Reid has that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. Harry claims some gossip monger told him Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years and Reid presented not one scintilla of evidence to prove it.

Give me a break, Romney would be in jail next to Wesley Snipes if that were true. Basically, Reid is calling Romney a felon based on gossip. Is that what our country has come to?

Check out information on Barry Soetero from NoQuarterUSA:

While Donald Trump pursues the dead end that Barack Obama was born in Kenya (HE WAS NOT), the actual elephant in the room that most of the media and pundits studiously ignore is the fact that Barack Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and, for most of his life as a child and teenager, Barack was commonly known as Barry Soetoro. The adoption was processed in Indonesia after Barry and his mother moved to Indonesia. The adoption was carried out in Indonesia and not the United States.

Barry Obama’s mom married an Indonesian student named Lolo Soetoro in 1966. The new family moved to Indonesia in 1967 and the six year old Barry was enrolled in school. Barack Obama has not released his adoption records, but the adoption took place in the (sic) 1966-67. How do we know?…Keep reading, you won’t regret it…