Barack Obama & the Struggling Space Workers He Laid Off


Barack Obama is the President from another dimension, not much else can explain why he turned NASA into a Muslim feel-good agency. The NASA Chief he appointed described the President’s objectives laid out for him in the video below.

One of the goals was to make the Muslims feel good about their contributions to history and technology. As a result of Obama’s vision, we not only lost our advantage in space exploration, we lost the expertise of space engineers who now struggle for work. We also lost a dream.

Too few seem to care that the engineers who spent their entire careers working on the shuttle program, and who are now in their 50’s and 60’s, can’t find jobs. All that knowledge is going to waste so we can make people on the other side of the world “feel good.”

That “feel good” idea has been unsuccessful so far, probably because there was no follow-through.

The space shuttle program probably needed to end, but NASA didn’t need to end. It was one of the government agencies that worked but Barack Obama chose to turn over much of the space innovation to a small sector of private entrepreneurs. He didn’t pick the post office, the TSA, or any of the other failed agencies.

There is some space exploration in the private sector but they can only hire a small fraction of the laid off engineers.

Private space exploration cannot restore the vision John F. Kennedy held out for our youth and which came to pass within a decade when Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon.

The unemployment rate in Brevard County, home of the space shuttle, went from 9% to 11.7% when Obama ended the program and put the dagger through the heart of NASA.

The unemployment rate has improved but not because the engineers found jobs. Some have taken lower paying jobs, others are in Afghanistan working as government contractors, a number headed to South Carolina to build airplanes, and still others remain unemployed.

Since many are older, no one wants to hire them, certainly not at the salary they earned after thirty years.

“Nobody wants to hire the old guy,” said Terry White, a 62-year-old former project manager who worked 33 years for the shuttle program until he was laid off after Atlantis landed last July 21. “There just isn’t a lot of work around here. Or if so, the wages are really small.”

The unemployment agency in the county said to stop sending space engineers to them because their salary expectations are “unrealistic.” It’s a sad state of affairs when making a $100,000 as an experienced engineer is unrealistic.

via ABC News

…More than 7,400 people, who once had labored on one of history’s most complicated engineering achievements, lost their jobs when the shuttle program ended last July. While other shuttle workers in Houston, New Orleans and Huntsville, Ala., lost jobs, those areas had bigger economies to absorb the workers. In less economically diverse Brevard County, the mainly contractor positions cut by NASA accounted for just under 5 percent of the county’s private sectors jobs.

The Kennedy Space Center’s current workforce of 8,500 workers is the smallest in more in than 35 years. In the middle of the last decade, the space center employed around 15,000 workers…Read more…

Barack Obama is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. We just didn’t realize he meant to eliminate higher level careers and put more people to work in minimum wage “careers.” One-third of the jobs created last month were temporary, low paying jobs.