Barack Obama’s Speech at the G7 Summit: He Doesn’t Have a ‘Complete Strategy” for ISIS, Obamacare is great


Mr. Obama answered questions at the G7 Summit Monday. He admitted that he doesn’t have a “complete strategy” for ISIS. He apparently thinks Obamacare has no problems whatsoever.

He also said that TPP will get done – he intends to get it done – one must wonder if he will do it without Congress if they don’t do what he wants.

He doesn’t have “a complete strategy” on dealing with ISIS, he said, while seeming to suggest it depends on Iraq. He disingenuously claimed that the Pentagon had yet to send him the plan. No thinking person believes that.

Mr. Obama said that Obamacare is doing great and there is no need to overturn the ruling on the paying out of federal subsidies to the exchanges. He said the case before SCOTUS is an easy case. Four words are being twisted, he claimed deceptively.

He is trying to say it was merely a “speak-o” as did world-class liar Jonathan Gruber.

What he is referring to is the way Obamacare was written. It was done in such a way as to force states to expand Medicaid by putting in a sentence which made subsidies dependent on the expansion, banning the federal government from paying out subsidies. Now they are saying the federal government always meant to pay subsidies.

This is one of the incidents that made Jonathan Gruber famous.

Gruber is famous for the world’s first speako in the case of federal subsidies. Four cases were filed to protest the paying out of federal subsidies and have worked their way through the system. One has been heard by the Supreme Court of the United States and a decision is expected any day.

Gruber filed an amicus brief on behalf of the government in two of the federal cases, swearing that the government always meant to have the federal government pay out subsidies.

In 2012, on multiple occasions, however, Gruber said quite clearly that the federal government, as the law is written, would NOT pay subsidies.

When he was caught, Gruber said his words in 2012 were just a speak-o – a mouth typo.

He uttered multiple speak-os as it turns out.

Gruber made remarks on several occasions that completely contradict the Obama administration’s legal argument in Halbig v. Burwell and three related lawsuits. He contradicts his own amicus briefs filed in two of these cases. Gruber rebutted himself and his deceit is all on the record.

Mr. Obama might want to tell that to the people who lost their doctors and their hospitals or who are uninsured that Obamacare is working without a hitch.

Medicaid costs are soaring. The federal government contribution to Medicaid expansion in the states is being cut each year. So far seven of the 29 states and D.C. expanded coverage and have experienced higher than expected enrollment. Medicaid now allows adults making up to 138% of the federal poverty level to qualify, which totals up to 1.4 million people in those seven states. Illinois, Kentucky and Washington state more than doubled their numbers.

Twenty-one states have refused the expansion which is the reason for the court case which could overturn the Individual Mandate. If the Supreme Court strikes down federal money for states that did not establish their own exchanges, 13 million people will lose about $120 billion in federal health insurance subsidies.

Healthcare premiums are all over the place and are rising astronomically in many states.

In New Mexico, market leader Health Care Service Corp. is asking for an average jump of 51.6% in premiums for 2016.

The biggest insurer in Tennessee, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, has requested an average 36.3% increase.

In Maryland, market leader CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield wants to raise rates 30.4% across its products.

Moda Health, the largest insurer on the Oregon health exchange, seeks an average boost of around 25%.

In Florida, for instance, United Healthcare (UNH) wants to raise the rates of plans sold on the Obamacare exchange by an average of 18%. Individual policies available outside the exchange through United Healthcare or through a broker would go up by 31%, on average, with hikes as high as 60% for certain plans in certain locations.

In Texas, insurer Scott & White is looking for a 32% increase for exchange-based plans, while Humana (HUM) is asking for an average 30% boost for its exclusive provider organization policies, which generally cover only in-network services.

Illinois and Pennsylvania are also seeking 2016 rate hikes in the range of 30 percent.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina cited hospital in-patient care, particularly cancer and heart conditions, emergency room visits and specialty drugs as major contributors to its proposed 26% hike.

Barack Obama’s speech today was a message to SCOTUS to vote in his favor on Obamacare. The Constitution is meaningless to him.

Health insurance companies are imploding and New York is preparing a universal health care bill to take their place. Universal health care is communist insurance in that every health need will be controlled by a messy and out-of-control bureaucracy in D.C. Our healthcare will be politicized.

But it’s all good to Mr. Obama.


  1. Obama “doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS”? From their beginnings, Obama has aided, abetted, financed, and armed them. He has discouraged others from attacking them. When finally forced to order air strikes against ISIS, he authorized pitifully few sorties, which often ignored obvious targets which would hurt ISIS, bombing instead abandoned buildings and other poor targets.

    Sounds to me like Obama has an ISIS strategy. He’s helping them terrorize the Mideast and beyond.

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