Barre VT Mayor Attempts Legislating Gun Control By Fiat


And so it begins in my home State of Vermont, in the city of my birth and my home for the first 25 years of life.  I’m actually ashamed to make that statement in light of this highly newsworthy event, but perhaps it’s for the best – maybe it’s time to have this “discussion” and slam the gun-grabbers to the mat once again.

In a story reported by Matt Henson of  WCAX TV today:

BARRE, Vt. –

“Barre’s mayor wants a limit on the types of guns sold at the upcoming Barre Fish and Game Gun Show.

The show has been held at the Barre Auditorium for decades.  This year’s event in February is scheduled to have guns displayed on more than 200 tables.

Mayor Thom Lauzon is asking show organizers to ban the display and sale of military-style assault firearms and high capacity magazines at the 2013 gun show. Lauzon also plans to put plain-clothed police officers in the parking lot to prevent illegal sales outside the show.

Lauzon says he supports the gun club and supports legal and responsible firearm ownership, but he says he is making the request “as a father” in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Gun show officials say they will not comment on the proposal until after meeting with the mayor.”

Vermont is a State with an extremely low number of firearms related crimes as well as the least legislative control in the entire nation.  Why Mr. Lauzon feels compelled to assume the authority of the Barre City Council, the State of Vermont Legislature and the United States Constitution is a question worth asking.

It will also be interesting to learn how the mayor defines “..military-style assault firearms and high capacity magazines..”, as well as his evidence to support violating the Second Amendment to our Constitution, as well as the actions of the State Legislature since 1791.  I’d also be very interested in what law the major feels might be violated by the sale of firearms outside of the gun show.  The private sale of firearms in Vermont is NOT illegal in any way, shape or form.

The State of Vermont was the 14th State admitted to the Union that year, and the first after the original 13.  It was absolutely the goal of men like the legendary Ethan Allen and his “Green Mountain Boys” who armed themselves with long rifles and physically forced the aggressors from New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts to mind their own damned business and leave Vermont alone.

As a direct descendent of those early settlers I can assure you that the spirit of Ethan Allen is about to be revived and Mayor Lauzon is in for one Helluva’ surprise.