Batsh*t Crazy Lyndsey Graham Jokes About Killing Ted Cruz in the Senate



Traitorous South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks his party has gone “bats—” crazy, and joked Thursday that it’s possible to get away with murdering Ted Cruz if it happened in the Senate.

“You’ve come a long way in 72 years. 72 years ago, a woman could not be part of the American experience. If you don’t vote, that’s coming back in 2017.

But look how far you’ve come. The most dishonest person in America is a woman — Who’s about to be president. How could that be?

My party has gone [bleep] crazy. (Cheers and Applause).

If we don’t win this election, when are we ever going to win one? That’s not meant to be funny. A good Republican would defend Ted Cruz after tonight. That ain’t happening. (Laughter) If you kill Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and the trial was in the Senate nobody could convict you.” (Laughter).

Maybe the RINO kook should be murdered for his votes. Remember when he let Loretta Lynch’s nomination out of committee? He doesn’t care if we give the country to the enemy as long as he gets to bomb somewhere.