Be Aware: Progressives Stealing Local Elections




Update: 4/14/13: Texas might be up for grabs as soon as the 2016 presidential elections because of demographic shifts. Big Democratic donors from across the country have their sights set on capturing Texas for Hillary Clinton. The plan is to mobilize Latinos, Blacks and like-minded Anglos to get out the vote. Republicans have consistently won elections but there are large numbers of minority voters who stay home. Google “Financial times” and “Democratic Donors Set Sights on Texas.”

Obama’s Organizing for Action is not about Obama, it’s about buying elections for Progressives throughout the country.

Progressives want to be certain that no one but a progressive is ever again elected to office. Check out the About 2012 group that was active during the 2012 elections and is still active:

left-wing loon org

Across America there are more than half a million local elected offices — that’s more than 500,000 ways to influence whether government serves the 99% or just the 1%. We need progressive voices at every table where decisions are made that impact our families, from state legislatures to utility commissions.

2,012 for 2012 is a non-partisan initiative to recruit a new generation of progressive candidates for local office. The initiative is a movement-wide effort driven by some of the most effective and creative progressive non-profits in the country, and hosted by the Candidate Project (a program of the New Organizing Institute).


Sponsors include Color of Change as well as

Information provided by: Barbara Samuells, Co Founder,