Be Concerned: White House Moves Ahead With Ferguson


President Obama knows that Ferguson is not a good example of police brutality but he is growing impatient and he will not let a good “crisis” go to waste. In both the Trayvon Martin case and this case, and to some degree, the Occupy movement, Mr. Obama has demanded changes in police departments implying that there would be some degree of nationalization.

Expect things like racial quotas, mandated equipment and outfitting, as well as federal “guidance” on policies and procedures, guidance which will reflect “social justice.”

He and his White House team are moving ahead with Ferguson despite the fact that it is a poor example of police misbehavior and, in these efforts, they will be buoyed by the revolutionaries in Ferguson and elsewhere.

We have been told repeatedly this case is about mistrust between the white police force and the abused black community but is it?

President Obama has held meetings and has upcoming events planned with young civil rights leaders, community and faith leaders, and law enforcement officials to discuss mistrust between law enforcement and communities. He is looking for ways to work together according to his statements within the last 24 hours.

CBS New White House correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted that the White House says ‘disintegration of trust’ between police, people can destabilize and undermine communities.

Early this morning, Knoller tweeted, “Pres also has Oval Office meeting with young local and national civil rights leaders to discuss Ferguson & broader police/community issues.”

It will include his advisor, Al Sharpton.

He also tweeted that “At nooon (sic), Pres Obama meets with members of his Cabinet to review federal provision of equipment and funds to state & local police depts.”

The man who died in Ferguson, Michael Brown, had just robbed a convenience store, roughed up the clerk, and assaulted a police officer immediately prior to his death. When he was ordered to stop by the officer with a loaded gun, he kept charging him by all consistent accounts.

GotNews reports the Brown and Head families are gang families and Michael Brown’s stepfather is a former gang member.

Michael Brown’s family have been involved in physical altercations over the rights to Michael Brown’s name for the purpose of sales of sneakers, shirts and so on. Brown’s mother threatened the cops who she called “m#$% f@#ers” and his stepfather told the rioters to “burn this b#$%h down,” meaning Ferguson. They are not pillars of the community.

The people rioting with them are communists anarchists, NAACP communists, Islamo-Fascists, the New Black Panthers, Occupiers, and Louis Farrakhan’s The Nation of Islam.

The media misreported the Brown-Wilson case from the beginning, insisting the young man had his hands up based on the statements of his accessory in crime, Dorian Johnson. There were many other discrepancies meant to point to the officer’s guilt but leaked reports and an autopsy quelled some of the rumors.

Al Sharpton has been in Ferguson agitating. He and other agitators met with Barack Obama in the White House on November 5th.

According to to  The New York Times, “Sharpton, who has appeared frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr. Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama ‘was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating. He said he hopes that we’re doing all we can to keep peace.’”

While Obama did not call for violence, he called for the continuation of this “movement” aimed at making massive changes to the local police forces to reflect social justice and other federal initiatives.

In that he agrees with Michael McPherson: “It must be changing how police and citizens relate to one another,” said Michael T. McPhearson, the co-chairman of the Don’t Shoot Coalition. “We’re calling for police accountability, police transparency, changing how the police do their work. If there’s an indictment or if there’s not an indictment, we still have that work to do.”

Both Eric Holder and Barack Obama have called for change in the local police departments throughout the nation.

Holder said in a recent video address that he will “continue to work with law enforcement to build a more just society”. He is referring to social justice, not justice, and he is talking about taking control of local police departments as he has done to some degree in St. Louis. It is on the record that he told the police what they could wear, what equipment they could use, and how and when to act.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder of Missouri recently addressed the fact that at least 25 businesses were allowed to burn down as the National Guard were held back.

Quoting Mayor Knowles, he said, “I sat on my back porch and watched my city burn and was crying out for leadership…” (listen to the audio clip below).

Governor Nixon wouldn’t even answer his calls or anyone’s calls.

Why did Governor Nixon allow Ferguson to burn in one of the most egregious acts of gubernatorial malfeasance in our recent history? Was he playing the fiddle one has to wonder?

Kinder’s supposition is that Nixon “either took suggestions, or strong suggestions or if not orders from Washington D.C. from the Holder Justice Department or the Obama White House or maybe he got a phone call from vice president Valerie Jarrett. In fact, she has confirmed she has been regularly on the phone to him…”(or he’s incompetent).

Prosector McCulloch has made it clear he worked very closely with the Holder Justice Department.

Many wonder why McCulloch made the announcement when he did – in the evening when rioters are most dangerous.

Kinder said” “I am now hearing from Democratic sources in St. Louis, who are reliable that (Prosecutor Robert) McCulloch made the announcement when he did because he was worried about leaks from the Holder Justice Department. In other words, they would not have announced it at 8:00 p.m. Central Monday night but for pending leaks that were going to come out from the Feds”.

If Holder had made the announcement, it would have been very different from the announcement made by McCulloch. If it went true to form, whatever leaked would have made it seem as if Michael Brown did not get justice. There would have been more comments concerning mistrust for the police.

In this audio, Lt. Governor Kinder, details what he thinks is going on:

So, why is this case of a common thug becoming a national movement which includes radical revolutionaries at its core?

Rep. Elijah Cummings might have the answer. He is Obama’s pit bull. In a recent letter to Barack Obama, he called for a federal police czar and federal control of local police via national regulations. It was written on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus, almost all of whom are members of the Democratic Socialist Party.

Ferguson hasn’t turned out the way Obama hoped but he doesn’t want to let it go. It’s a vehicle for him to nationalize the police and infuse the United States law enforcement with a social justice mentality in which justice is determined, not by the rule of law, but by emotions. Social Justice (especially corrective justice or distributive justice) refers to ensuring that individuals both fulfilled their societal roles, and received what was due from society. It is left to the people in power to decide who gets justice, and they decide the why and how.

It’s all part of the fundamental transformation and it’s a great distraction from all the other controversial actions this administration is taking.