Because It’s Been So Successful, Bernie Has a Surprise for Us


Bernie hair

Sen. Bernie Sanders is going to deliver his speech on socialism on the same day Hillary gives her policy address. It’s the speech, the left has been breathlessly awaiting. Hillary will have to move further left to compete, if that’s even possible.

The speech by the Vermont communist and faux socialist will be given Thursday at Georgetown University. His speech will center on his vision for “economic and social justice” and his intent to protect the environment which he thinks is the reason for terrorism. He will link it to foreign policy.

Sanders hates Capitalism but believes in crony corporatism as long as he controls the banks.

NPR, which we pay to sustain, wants us to listen to four speeches before we listen to Bernie. They want us to have an open mind.

The speeches are JFK on his Catholicism, Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech when he spoke about this Mormon faith, Barack Obama’s speech on race, and Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” in which he talked about freedom.

NPR wrote: “In many ways, the Reagan speech is a mirror image of what Sanders aims to do with his speech. It’s not about identity. It’s about ideology and a view about the size and role of government in American life. Reagan thought it should be smaller. Sanders thinks the role of government should be much larger. And like so many elections before it, that is likely to be one of the defining debates of this contest.”

Bernie Sanders wants to overturn our form of government and the people at NPR think he is to be equated with Reagan, JFK and Romney.

WaPo wrote: “As a presidential candidate, he has put forward policies that aim to create more fairness in a country he says is now rigged to favor the rich, but he has stopped short of calling for classic socialist ideas like government takeovers of private industry.”

Therefore, we can expect a lot about his war on the rich and his evil politics of envy.

The media is thrilled about this speech.

WaPo mentioned his “playful” comments on the trail: “During a stop in New Hampshire, Sanders playfully asked an audience of students: “Does anyone here think I’m a strong adherent of the North Korean form of government? That I want all of you to be wearing similar-colored pajamas?”

No, but we do think he loves the Cuban government.