Beck Bashes Trump as a Dangerous ‘Demagogue’ And Then Goes After His Supporters


BeckDonald Trump is appealing to many because he sounds like he will reverse the damage done by seven years of Barack Obama and supporters don’t really believe he is a bigot. They see him as wanting to ‘make America great again.’

Many people in this country are sick of the constant lies and manipulation. The press, the leftists, the RINOs think Americans are stupid and there is no end to the assault on our freedoms. As a result, the ‘stupid’ Americans no longer want any part of them.

What the media and his opponents don’t get is no one cares what they think. The press is dead, RINOs are dead, and leftists are dead to many and they’ve done it to themselves. They’re corrupt. They gave birth to Donald Trump.

With roughly 65% of the GOP supporting non-establishment candidates for president, you would think the GOP and the media would start responding by reclaiming the constitution but, NO.

Then there is Glenn Beck who might do more to promote Donald Trump’s favorability ratings with some of his own bombastic language.

Beck was on The Kelly File last night to join her ‘bash Trump squad’. Each night, Megyn Kelly devotes a segment or two to damaging Trump’s image.

Glenn Beck sees Donald Trump as a dangerous demagogue.

First off, Beck is working to bring Christian refugees into the country and deserves credit for caring about these people who are truly suffering and are truly in danger.

Beck said there’s a very dangerous thing going on.

First the Caliphate happened, there is a bad economy, and what happens is you get a very strong progressive or strong communist or Fascistic leader. No one listens to what the real answer is. People head towards a demagogue. They just want someone to solve the problems.

If you don’t “anchor to the constitution”, you will get a strong progressive left or right and they will support Obama policies and worse, he said.

It’s true that we’ve seen the results of ignoring the constitution for seven years.

I don’t believe Muslims will be rounded up but Beck does.

Beck “thinks you should be afraid of Donald Trump” who he sees as a progressive in the vein of Barack Obama.

“What’s happening is Trump is speaking the truth in some regard, he has diagnosed the problem” but has not come up with the solutions, he is “just saying the things people want to hear,” Beck insists.

“Anyway, it’s dangerous,” he said.

Listen to the video and decide if Beck is fair or unfair.

Beck was just getting started. He has an article up that went out last night lambasting supporters because “they don’t understand what a terrible person he is and how he brings out the worst in his followers.”

If only people would understand how “badly Trump treats people,” he opined.

When “America sends Trump supporters into the political arena, it’s not sending the best people,” he continued. “It’s sending people that have lots of problems. They bring in racism, they bring in bigotry. They’re fascists.”

Then, in a nod to some accidental nice people who might go to these Trump events, he said, “And some, I assume (he’s not sure), are good people.”

“There’s bigotry out there,” he states.

Beck added: Trump’s not a successful businessman and was only successful because he went bankrupt; he won’t give in to political correctness; and we don’t need “this lightweight” with his “hair coming out of his – whatever,” said, undoubtedly making points with Megyn Kelly about whom Trump said she had “blood coming out of her eyes and whatever.”

We have a “problem in this country and it’s called Trump supporters” and they should have to “register with the government.” The supporters are a “Trojan Horse who deserve to “get roughed up.”

They should be “banned from voting, boarding planes, entering the country, or buying guns, just temporarily, until we can effectively vet them, until our country can figure out what is going on,” he bellowed in a cynical assault on people he doesn’t know and in opposition to any reasonable debate on whether immigration from terrorist nations should be reconsidered.

Barack Obama is bringing 280,000 Muslims into the country this year alone through immigration, refugee status, various visas, including student visas. I’d like to ask Beck if we have the vetting process to be assured they are safe.

He claimed Trump supporters are full of hatred and added that, “One thing we know: these Trumpeters are recruiting by the thousands through the Internet. We have to see Bill Gtes and a lot of different people and take to them about closing that Internet up in some ways. Got it?”

We “got it” and we also got that you just minimized a serous issue.

He can take his mocking and shove up – wherever. Personally, I’m not a Trump person and think he should tone it down, but as sure as the day follows night, I don’t like Beck. I see him as a phony media whore who exploits opportunities for personal gain. He lambasts Trump and does it by doing the same thing, only far worse.

Beck concluded, “Trump shouldn’t be president. And no presidential candidate should be courting his supporters.”

He must love Hillary and Bernie then. I find him to be a nasty piece of work himself.

What do you think?




  1. What do *I* think?
    Beck is NUCKING FUTS.
    He used to write interesting books….years ago.
    He’s a sick, little sad man…with too large a megaphone.

    Trump 2016!

  2. I don’t always agree with Beck, but he’s right to be suspicious of Trump. People, don’t make the mistake of voting for a candidate just because he’s popular and he makes you cheer. Remember that’s how Obama got elected – and Hitler. Pay attention to a candidate’s beliefs and their principles. And especially their politics. Trump may be able to turn the country around, but what else will he do??

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