Behind Closed Doors Lies An Unappealing Court of Appeals


For the judicial system as a whole, we want transparency so the public can have confidence in the judicial decision-making process ~ Reuters

Can we trust our court system if they seal records for no discernible reason in a case that involves an SEC lawyer turned congressional candidate?

Blogger Larry Doyle found one such example in the case of [former enforcement lawyer] George Demos, who, as Mr. Doyle put it, pimped [a former compliance officer] Peter Sivere. If you read Mr. Doyle’s article and the POGO information below, you will have the available information of what transpired at the time by independent sources with no axe to grind.

The SEC said there was an apparent breach of ethics in the Demos-Sivere case but they declined to act. They kicked the case to the courts. The courts reviewed the case in secret and then sealed all the records. Do we live in Russia now?

George Demos should ask the courts to unseal the court documents since he has said he has no guilt in this case. The public deserves to know how and what evidence was collected and why the decisions were rendered from said evidence. No minors or state secrets are involved – release the records!

Larry Doyle of Sense on Cents brought the case to the light of day – read here at Business Insider. Mr. Doyle does not know the parties in the case but his cause is “truth, transparency, and integrity.”

POGO, the independent Project on Government Oversight, conducted the original investigation which uncovered the information despite Mr. Demos’ name having been redacted from the public records – click here for the POGO investigation. Since POGO completed their investigation, all court rulings resulting from this case have been sealed.

Click here for more information and to sign the petition requesting the committee on professional standards disclose the findings of their investigation.