BEHOLD-Proof Pelosi & Schumer Need to Take the Same 4 Hour Screening Given Trump



Democrats and never-Trumpers have gone on seemingly forever about the “The Donald’s” mental, physical, and emotional fitness. They’ve been so desperate to spread the narrative, not even an extraordinarily detailed, nearly one hour press conference with the president’s highly credentialed MD, Ron Jackson, in which the Admiral described Trump’s health “excellent”, quelled all of the slander.

But recent events should give rise to concern over some other Beltway bigwigs who rest in seats of great power. We offer for your consideration Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Why the concern?

Let’s start with Chuck and his take on shutting down the government. What’s up with his memory? It appears the senator can’t recall, just a few years ago, taking an impassioned stance on a possible government shutdown that happens to be the complete opposite of his current position on the same issue. Right about now Schumer is all for shuttering Washington over immigration, but in 2013 he said the following, “We believe strongly in immigration reform. We could say ‘we’re shutting down the government, we’re not gonna raise the debt ceiling, until you pass immigration reform.’ It would be governmental chaos.”  

Go to 3:04 on the mark:

Yes, something so dramatically described as “governmental chaos” on national TV less than 5 years ago is apparently, in Chuck’s new world, fine and dandy today. Yikes.

How about Nancy Pelosi? If the Democrats win the House this woman would be the third person in line to be our Commander in Chief. We’d invite people to watch this video of her 1/18/18 press conference and recommend going to the 15:18 mark to get a flavor of just how genuinely scary that could be. Nancy is asked about the Republicans extending Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and responds, “this, this ah, is like giving you a bowl of doggie-doo, put a cherry on top and call it a chocolate sundae.”

Go to 15:18:

My God. Meanwhile, and she and others in her party are worried about Trump’s cognitive abilities?

So you have one Democrat leader apparently clueless about easily retrieved statements he made just over 4 years ago, that were in direct, irrefutable contradiction to what he’s saying today, and another Dem leader stammering through gibberish while trying to make some bizarre analogy using dog crap as a chocolate sundae.

We say let them sit down with Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson, individually for 4 hours, and undergo the same battery of tests and screening devices given to President Trump, including the cognitive skills assessment. All of which would be followed by Dr. Jackson, at Schumer and Pelosi’s insistence, offering the same kind of exhaustive, comprehensive, completely transparent briefing on their results, as were provided on Trump.

Let’s see if Chuck and Nancy would take up the challenge.   Sure. Right after Schumer manages to keep his stories straight, and Pelosi transforms dog stuff into chocolate ice cream.



  1. The way Steve Lookner (RSBN) was describing that test it surely isn’t an easy test, and to get a perfect score is a sign of not only cognitive ability but also intelligence. A person has to be mentally sharp to pass it.

    This test should be a prerequisite for “Senior Members” of Congress. Many of the old-timers can barely even read their scripts during hearings. It’s embarrassing to watch how they can even barely speak, AND these members are part of running our Government. I only started watching hearings again after years and years and was flabbergasted at what I was witnessing. For one, I was surprised to see the same faces there and also how it looked like an old-age home. In staying there until they drop they Must have the idea that No One else is as capable as they are. What chutzpah.

  2. I don’t believe that Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are mentally deficient, I believe that they are down right evil, and are as such incompetent to be representatives of our American populace

  3. After witnessing one of our “representatives worrying about the sinking of the island of Guam if the Navy moved too many people there, nothing surprises me.

  4. I’ll say it again. IMO, This “show” that they are putting on is not for the ‘sane’ citizen voter. This show is to win the hearts and minds of some of the 11,000 people that turn 18 years old—the voting age—each day. That is according to the census. 4 Million a year. I will grant the fact that being a census it could include illegal aliens. I will grant that not all will vote or those that do vote may not vote for Democrat, Lib-Prog agendas. However, if we were to take it at 40%, that would be a whopping 1.6 million new votes. It could be even only a million votes. These new votes would be in many of the “battleground” states. That’s a “gold mine”. Look at the Presidents margins in the Nov. 2016 election. Scary…very scary.

  5. The best thing that came out of all this hoopla about the President’s health report is that the Left had to admit that Trump HAS A HEART!!!!! (Thanks for this tidbit from Greg Gutfeld)!
    Thank you President Trump for making America Great Again and making “heads spin out of control”!!!

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