Beijing Has Taken to Arresting Tall Dogs


Bejing is arresting dogs

Beijing has taken to arresting dogs taller than 14 inches because they say they are dangerous. Among the dangerous dogs are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and of course Dachshunds. They seem to think that if dogs are taller than 14 inches, they are very dangerous. (Dachsunds?)

Beijing has put out wanted posters of offending dogs whom they hope to capture. They are even trying to track them down with armed officers.

They have banned large dogs for years but have been lax about enforcement but are now on a crusade to capture them all. Currently they are after one suspect name DouDou, a Golden Retriever who has been seen around town.

Police are conducting nighttime raids and wrenching beloved pets from distraught owners.

In some cases, neighbors are turning in neighbor’s dogs. Nice!

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