Benghazi: A Failure of Men’s Souls – Update


Update: 10:24:12: Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were found slumped over machine guns at the annex (safe house) seven hours after the first assault. The guns were caked in blood, suggesting that they kept fighting through injuries. We could have done something to save them. They fought for seven hours.

The White House knew twenty minutes into the attack that a terror assault by an al-Qaida affiliate was launched on the Benghazi mission.

A small rescue team was sent into Benghazi. One report said that the rescue team had the wrong coordinates and could not find the men.

The U.S. military has said the Libyans did not give permission for the U.S. to send a plane in to rescue the Americans.

None of this changes the fact that the Obama administration has been lying about the events of that day.

Click here for the heartbreaking e-mails written by Ambassador Stevens on the night he died.

CBS claimed Wednesday that this information about Benghazi, which was first released by Fox News last evening, changes nothing. We now know that hundreds of people at the highest levels, including the White House situation room, knew about the Benghazi terror attack in real time. They knew it was by an al-Qaida affiliate.

From what we know now, there was help within an hour of the consulate in Benghazi but that help was not dispatched. Our president must know these facts and he knew during each debate and with each statement made after the attack. Ansar al-Sharia took responsibility on Facebook and Twitter within two hours of the attack.

Listen to the president during the second presidential debate:

Initial speech blaming the video:

The blatant lie and the Pakistani ads we paid for:

Statement from the White House on 9/12, blaming the video right before he flew off to Vegas for a fundraiser:

On September 14th, at the funereal ceremony for the Benghazi victims, Hillary Clinton blames the video at about 06:20:

Susan Rice blaming the video on the weekend after the Benghazi attack:

Jay Carney, on behalf of President Obama, claiming it was about the video (9/14). He claimed he didn’t know that it was anything but the video and had no information otherwise:

September 18th on The View:

Univision interview of September 20th, another lie:

President Obama apologizing to the U.N. on September 25th for the video which caused the Libyan attacks, even though he knew that was not true:

Got to 10:40 for Axelrod lie on October 15th:

Blaming the intelligence community on October 23rd:

If the emails and their time stamps are legitimate, as reported by Fox News and Reuters, how does anyone with a conscience vote for President Obama?

As recently as this past weekend, the White House hinted that the video had some role in the Benghazi attack.

Our President has been dividing us along race, creed, class.  He has made an enemy of anyone who defies him from doctors to Cambridge police to religious institutions.

Is this what we stand for as a nation now? We are no longer America if we allow this president to continue without insisting that he tell the truth.

Our president lied repeatedly, feigned indignation, and used the lie to attack Governor Romney.

Where is our media? They might as well be Pravda.

We the people…

What road will we take as a nation…

The Road Not Taken


Will grace lead us home?