Benghazi Consulate Failed to Safeguard British Weapons & Vehicles

                                                                                                                                           photo CS Monitor

The Benghazi attack was on September 11th but it took the FBI until October 3rd to get into the Benghazi consulate. The FBI was gone 24 hours later, according to some reports. Even the choice of sending the FBI in lieu of the CIA (at least publicly) is another sign that this administration is trying to turn terrorist attacks into criminal events.

I need to mention that there is cause for the FBI to be in Benghazi since a consulate is U.S. territory but where is the CIA in this administration? I know they are being thrown under the bus.

The CIA is a covert organization so we can hope that they were in Benghazi under the radar but I don’t think so. A CNN reporter found the Ambassador’s diary. When the FBI finally did get into Benghazi, confidential papers were strewn about. They found the tape which the Democrats will not allow Rep. Issa to view. I doubt the CIA would have missed that tape.

It is unlikely the FBI obtained any real intel or any evidence as to what happened there beyond what they knew from communications which Charlene Lamb of the State Department said the administration followed in real time.

If the assailants killed the Ambassador and the other three Americans with U.S.-made  weapons, we will likely never know. The U.S. denied arming Libyan rebels.

Al-Qaida supported the Libyan uprising against Gaddafi and the rebels, who were also infiltrated by al-Qaida. The rebels received over $25 million from the U.S., at least $6 million of the funds went for humanitarian efforts. In June, 2011, France admitted to arming rebels. We know that a number of weapons used by rebels were from various countries throughout the world. It is likely that many of the weapons, whoever supplied them, fell into al-Qaida hands.

What we do now know is that the British left their weapons and vehicles in the hands of the U.S. consulate in Eastern Libya. The information came to light from testimony by Lt. Col. Wood during the House hearings last week.

The U.S. administration not only failed to protect U.S. personnel, sensitive documents and equipment, they also failed to protect British weapons.

The British abandoned their Benghazi offices over the summer after more than 230 attacks in Libya including 48 in Benghazi alone. The U.S. chose to stay in Benghazi without properly protecting the consulate there.

There is strong evidence that al-Qaida is still very active in the region, despite efforts by the Libyan government to rid the area of their influence.

While President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are still trying to decide if it was a preplanned al-Qaida attack, the British wonder where their weapons and vehicles are. No doubt they are with the same people who have possession of the 10,000 to 20,000 Gaddafi weapons which went missing after we instigated the civil war in Libya. An instigation which showed little consideration for protecting Gaddafi’s arsenal which included chemical weapons.

Full video of House Hearings