Benghazi Hearings: A Political Grandstanding Farce


Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the State Department’s failures in the handling of Benghazi. The Inspector General’s investigation found that there are serious systemic problems in the State Department of which she is the head.

Hillary Clinton said during the hearings that everything shouldn’t become a political football but this hearing was nothing more than a political football and she was the Quarterback. She is quite good at it if you believe that evasion is preferable to the transparency she claims to adhere to.

At the Benghazi hearing on January 23rd, Secretary Clinton was supposed to answer for and explain the failures which in part caused the deaths of four Americans: Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods Jr, Sean Smith and Ambassador Stevens.

The politicians did not do their job. We have learned nothing.

The hearing became a political platform to heap praise on her performance despite her abject failure of leadership over a seriously flawed State Department:

Hillary Clinton has worked hard, she has indeed given many speeches throughout the world on women’s rights, and she has visited areas of the world that have not seen a US Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton has a 59% approval rating in the US, but has she been an outstanding Secretary of State?

She was not successful in the Russian reset. Iran is still building a bomb. North Korea is developing long-range missiles that can hit the US. The relations between Israel and its neighbors have worsened. She encouraged the Arab Spring and the war in Libya which has enabled the radical Islamists to take control of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and a large area of Mali.

Egypt’s Morsi went to Gaza to side with them against Israel even though Gaza were the instigators. Hillary Clinton then heaped praise on Morsi for his role in the peace that he had no part of.

The al Qaeda movement is growing and has been all along.

Weapons, many of which came from the US, were not secured in Libya before the war and they are now showing up in the mid-East and Africa, including Syria and Mali by Hillary Clinton’s own words during the hearings.

The US is viewed less favorably in the Arab world. A Pew poll in 2010 found that U.S. favorability ratings were plummeting in the Arab world.

What has she accomplished? Europe likes us better but that isn’t doing much for us.

Hilary Clinton blamed the Benghazi failures on lack of funds. In the following segment, Senator Paul points out the fact that she did not read the cables in which our consulate officials pleaded for help. He also mentioned some of the wasteful use of funds in the department, money which could have been used for security in Benghazi, one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Republicans allowed the misinformation about inadequate funding to become fact during these hearings when it clearly is not fact. Charlene Lamb said during the House hearings that funding had nothing to do with the failures at Benghazi – the attack was unprecedented. In other words, they were unprepared.

Some of the Republicans appeared unprepared at the hearings for anything but political speeches.

Senator Paul was prepared:

Senator Paul was criticized for his comments but what he said is true. President Nixon was forced to resign for a lot less than this.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice and Jay Carney continually blamed a video for the attack on Benghazi when they knew within hours that it was a terror attack by an al Qaeda affiliate.

Hillary Clinton said she did not know in real time what was happening. Not according to her assistant, Charlene Lamb.

In Charlene Lamb’s testimony during the House hearings she said that they did know in almost real time what was happening and that she was in constant contact with the thirty or so people at the consulate and nearby safe house.

Her testimony can be found here. She was the Assistant Secretary and she and everyone below her were blamed by Hillary Clinton during the hearings.

Hillary Clinton took the blame, but not really.

Al Qaeda is on the rise though we have been hearing that they were decimated with the death of Osama:

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