Benghazi Questions Go Unanswered: They Want Us to Shut Up

Sean Hannity and Pat Smith
Sean Hannity and Pat Smith

The Benghazi survivors are still being hidden by the administration. The State Department has not answered a letter from two House Republicans asking to speak with the survivors. Rep. Frank R. Wolf of Virginia, co-wrote the March 1 letter to Mr. Kerry with Rep. Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania.

There are as many as seven survivors in Walter Reed Hospital. Secretary of State John Kerry visited them in secret on Friday, still ignoring the letter from Republicans.

Some Republican strategists want to drop Benghazi according to HuffPo. One has to wonder if the strategists have a soul.

The left-wing media – CNN, HuffPo, Daily Kos, NPR, the AtlanticWire, MotherJones, Slate, et cetera – are ripping into the GOP and pretending their efforts are nothing more than political theatre. Meanwhile Obama is getting away with covering up the deaths of four Americans.

The GOP received some of the Benghazi emails on Friday, which will possibly remain confidential. The left-wing claims the emails will silence Republicans who never had a case to begin with.

Sean Smith’s mother was interviewed on the radio by Sean Hannity on Friday. She still hasn’t been given answers and believes they want her to shut up.

She relived the ceremony at Andrews Air Force base when her son’s body was returned with the other three murdered Americans. She said that when Obama hugged her at Andrews Air Force base, he was petting her on the back and looking around for whom he should talk to next. Hillary paid little attention to her and walked off. Panetta told her to trust him and that he would get back to her, which he never did.