Benghazi Retribution: CBS Savages Rape Victim Lara Logan



There is a price to be paid for any journalist who tells the truth about anything that is not in line with the administration talking points. It’s probably worse if you are a woman. First it was Sharyl Attkisson and now it’s Lara Logan.

If you will remember, Lara Logan had her clothes torn off and was sexually molested by hundreds of men in Egypt while she was getting the stories to CBS during the Arab Spring. She was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after that event.

She told the truth about Benghazi and now her own colleagues are tearing her apart in an article in New York Magazine.

Barack Obama must be proud because it is Barack Obama they are helping out by demonizing Lara Logan and her report on Benghazi. This is being done as more evidence about the Obama administration cover up of Benghazi has come to light.

Highlights of the article follow. The article is nothing more than a hit piece meant to propagate the false notion that Benghazi is not a story. The Obama administration and his compliant media are presenting Benghazi as a political event staged by Republicans and Fox News.

CBS is considering not rehiring Lara Logan after her suspension over her 60 Minutes report about Benghazi last year, according to New York Magazine.

CBS has failed to take any responsibility for a mistake in fact-checking after suspending her and her producer Max McClellon.

In the piece by NY Magazine, Logan is blamed for CBS not fact-checking a book by Dylan Davies that was used for part of the report. Davies claimed to be an eyewitness, and though he was present and the facts of the night’s events were accurate, he did not tell the FBI he was an eyewitness. We haven’t seen the FBI report. It is unclear how CBS has been able to determine this.

It was Logan’s credibility that CBS relied on, the article claims.

CBS wants to convince the public that there isn’t any truth to the Benghazi story, they want you to believe that the real problem is Logan did a bad job:

“Here, then, was a convergence, the proverbial perfect storm: Fager had given Logan outsize power; Owens, Fager’s acolyte, didn’t ask the boss’s star the tough questions; and McClellan, a true-blue Logan loyalist, didn’t have the desire or the authority to bring Logan to heel. On top of that, the senior vice-president of standards and practices, Linda Mason, whose job it was to bring outside scrutiny to any segment, had departed in early 2013, and Fager never replaced her. Logan was free to operate as she chose.”

It isn’t that Barack Obama covered up the story of Benghazi, it’s that it was politicized. Logan went right for it, the article claims, by speaking with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham:

“Benghazi had been thoroughly politicized from the beginning. But rather than steering clear of the political battle, Logan headed right toward it, consulting with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a strong critic of the administration’s handling of the incident whom she’d met once in Afghanistan. ‘I really didn’t know her until she started doing this piece on Benghazi,” he [CBS head Jeff Fager] told me.'”

Her colleagues are destroying her reputation if the quotes in this article are correct. It is being done because she is a convenient means by which CBS can “controversialize Benghazi”.

Sharyl Attkisson expressed his views on the Benghazi issue and the press handling of it Monday morning on Fox & Friends:

Listen to some of the article’s repugnant comments, made anonymously:

“As Logan rose, however, Fager was left to manage the risk inherent in Moonves’s asset. Logan had a zealousness that could cross the line into recklessness, a confidence that could come off as arrogance. A common view among current and former colleagues (keeping in mind that not-for-attribution backbiting and Schadenfreude are a stock-in-trade of TV news) is that Logan’s star power blinded her superiors to her flaws. ‘She got everything she wanted, always, even when she was wrong, and that’s been going on since the beginning,’ says a former CBS News producer who worked with her.'”


“It’s not an accident that Lara Logan fucked up,” says a colleague at CBS News. “It was inevitable. Everybody saw this coming.”


“She deployed her beauty to charm and persuade colleagues and sources to great effect—but the effectiveness didn’t prevent co-workers and competitors from calling her a lightweight.”


“But Logan was still a raw talent, inexperienced at storytelling and considered difficult by some producers. Her almost insatiable stomach for risk made many of her colleagues uncomfortable.”

I don’t need to quote this piece any more, I’m sure, you get the idea.

The article also attempts to blame her for her own rape by saying she was told not to leave her hotel room.

The article even politicizes her support for General McChrystal when he was unfairly savaged by Rolling Stone magazine. They insinuate she is a right-winger though she is not:

“It was around this time that her political beliefs began to be expressed more openly. When the late Michael Hastings wrote a story in Rolling Stone about General Stanley McChrystal, exposing offhand criticisms of Barack Obama over Afghanistan and leading to the general’s ouster, Logan went on CNN to defend the general—and attack Hastings as a dishonest reporter who had tricked McChrystal. ‘I don’t go around in my personal life pretending to be one thing and then being something else,’ she said. ‘I find it egregious that anyone would do that in their professional life.’

‘Michael Hastings,” she added, “has never served his country the way Commander McChrystal has.'”

The message CBS is sending is clear – anyone who doesn’t toe the line will be brought down. Investigative journalism and the free press are dead, make no mistake about it.

Another point made in the article is that correspondents can no longer own the stories they risk their lives to obtain.

It seems the media is going for centralization. That will make it easier for the Obama administration to control the dialogue.

Read about the Obama administration’s control of the press on this link.