Benghazi Smoking Gun: WH Inner Circle Engaged in a Massive Cover Up



Do we live in a tinpot dictatorship now with a president and an administration that deliberately lies to the American people and spreads propaganda? The latest bombshell emails on Benghazi say that is the case. [The White House on Wednesday via Jay Carney attempted to say the emails had nothing to do with Benghazi even though they obviously had everything to do with Benghazi and mentioned it twice.]

Judicial Watch has gotten hold of hundreds of pages of documents as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. In those documents was a September 14, 2012 email from Ben Rhodes, assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications.

The Rhodes email, with the subject line: “RE: PREP Call with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 pm ET,” was sent to a dozen members of the administration’s inner circle, including key members of the White House communications team such as Press Secretary Jay Carney.

In the email, he draws attention to the anti-video protests without mentioning that this attack was not connected to the video. He knew that it was not from intelligence on the ground.

He further outlines two goals: 1. “To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.” 2. “To reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.”

The email goes on to state that the U.S. government rejected the message of the Internet video. “We find it disgusting and reprehensible. But there is absolutely no justification at all for responding to this movie with violence,” the email stated.

The White House did not seem to care about the victims whose bodies were not yet in the ground. What they cared about was covering up the reasons for the attack so that Obama’s narrative of strength for having killed Osama bin Laden would not be diminished right before the 2012 election.

Hillary Clinton went up to Mr. Woods, father of Ty Woods Jr., when the bodies arrived at Andrews Air Force base and told him she would have the videographer imprisoned.

We put a man in jail to make the President and Secretary of State look good.

Clinton further gave a speech at the Air Force base blaming the awful video for the attacks. She and Barack Obama went before the world repeatedly to reject the despicable video. Three weeks after the event, Obama told the world in a speech before the UN that he rejected the awful video. Susan Rice went before the world on the Sunday News Shows the Sunday after the Tuesday attack to reject the disturbing video.

The intelligence at the time proved there was no reference to the video as a cause of the attack, yet Rhodes outlined a strategy using the video. It was completely deceptive and it was sent to Jay Carney and many others in the White House.

The White House continually blamed the CIA for the Talking Points and for the information about the video and here we have emails showing the White House planned the strategy from the White House two days after the attack.

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