Benghazi Talking Points Are a Sideshow


President Obama gave a dual press conference with PM Cameron today. He was asked about Benghazi and said the entire discussion of the Talking Points is a sideshow. President Obama denied a cover up despite the fact that al Qaeda, Ansar al-Shariah,and prior attacks on the consulate were removed from the final Talking Points.

He tried to say he was clear about the Benghazi attack being an act of terrorism from the beginning. His portrayal in the Rose Garden were strongly in favor of a video demonstration though we now know the video was “a nonissue in Benghazi.”

He did not address his portrayal of the brutal attack being a result of the anti-video protest.

Obama said his presidential daily brief matched the Talking Points. If true, why?

Why can’t the survivors come forward then? Especially given the fact that the survivors who have come forward are saying something very different than what has been said.

President Obama did not mention who issued the stand down order.

I will post the video and comments shortly.