Benghazi Timelines from the State Department, CIA and Pentagon Do Not Match


Nine weeks after the Benghazi attack, the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon have released their timelines. None of the timelines match.

Bureaucracy, delays, and bumbling played a role in the fiasco that lead to four deaths in Benghazi that could easily have been 34 deaths if not for the courageous actions of agents who were possibly abandoned by their government.

Details culled from the timelines and sources on the ground via Fox News

The CIA timeline states that a senior State Department security officer at the Benghazi consulate called the CIA annex and asked for help at 9:40 pm. [A source at the CIA annex told Fox News they were told to wait]

AFRICOM commander General Ham who happened to be visiting the Pentagon redirected an unarmed, unmanned drone to Benghazi. It took him another fifty minutes to notify Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey despite an ambassador in distress and a “personal distress button” being activated which sent a signal to US command.

Tyrone Woods and five others left the annex twenty-eight minutes before the Pentagon was notified. Sources at the CIA annex told Fox News that they asked permission to leave immediately and were told twice to wait while the CIA chief tried to arrange Libyan help.

One hour and eighteen minutes into the attack (11 pm Libya and 5 pm DC), the Pentagon says that Panetta and Dempsey attended a previously scheduled meeting with the PresidentNo rescue forces were sent. [That is the real time reaction of the man who killed Osama bin Laden]

The CIA annex team rescued 30 surviving Americans at 11:30 pm Libyan time. From 6 to 8 pm (midnight to two am Libyan time) Panetta, Dempsey and Ham met at the Pentagon to discuss rescue options. [Where is the president and why are they still talking? It sounds like they were trying to play war games out of a textbook]

The CIA annex came under fire almost immediately after the rescue at about midnight and the people in the annex began radio calls for help and air support. The defense official claimed there were two separate incidents at two separate facilities, however, British sources on the ground said there was continuous fire.

Over the next two hours, the Pentagon says Panetta gave the okay for two Marine teams to leave Spain. A Special Ops force was told to prepare to deploy from Sicily and another in the US was told to prepare to deploy to Sicily.

Five hours after the incident, at 2:53 am, Panetta advised the teams they could leave [that is what happens when bureaucrats play at war]

The European-based rescuers arrived in Sicily twenty hours after the attack began even though they were only a few hours away in Croatia. Military sources say the team landed in Libya. Defense claims they landed at staging area in Sicily. The Libyan State Department would not give permission for the plane to land which might have caused the delay. [Gaddafi would have appreciated the same consideration when we were bombing Libya]

Survivors of the attack said that US military assets were hovering, which the Pentagon denies. The team was likely flying an MC-130 and could have been in Libya within three hours and can refuel in flight allowing them to fly for nine hours.

A defense official said they cannot always be prepared [20 hours?] The team and the aircraft weren’t even utilized to rescue the 30 Americans who fought off attackers on the ground until 5:26 am Sept. 12. Defense said they had no available aircraft.

The Pentagon timeline claims the first conference call came almost five hours after the attack.

Two hours and 48 minutes after the attack on the consulate, the six-man rescue team organized by the CIA left Tripoli with Glen Doherty. They had to charter a plane which was too small to rescue all the survivors. They had to make a round trip which was not completed until 10 am the next day.

At 5:26 am, Glen Doherty, part of the Tripoli rescue team, was killed with Tyrone Woods at the CIA annex by a mortar.

At 7:15 am, a photo of the ambassador’s body was sent to security personnel at Blue Mountain Group. The hospital where his body was held was surrounded by al-Qaida affiliate Ansara al-Shariah.

The FBI team meant to secure the annex and the confidential documents arrived at the Benghazi sites 24 days later.

According to a source debriefed by those at the CIA annex that night, “When they asked for air support, they were told they could have an unarmed drone.”

The mismatched timelines took nine weeks to compile! There was no evidence of a quick, organized response to the attack.

To date, the US has not responded to the Benghazi attack despite the fact that it was an attack on US soil and our Ambassador and three others were murdered.

When President Obama appeared disturbed and disinterested during the first presidential debate, was he preoccupied with his own neglect coming back to haunt him during his re-election campaign? What was the president doing after the meeting one hour and eighteen minutes into the attack on our consulate?

WaPo ran an article stating that the CIA made misjudgments but there was no conspiracy. They put all the blame on the CIA but do not mention the inadequate response by the President, Panetta, Ham, and Dempsey. The rest of our media penguins repeated the same story line – the CIA made errors but there was nothing nefarious. Great, there was no conspiracy, they were simply incompetent.

Isn’t the president in charge? I guess the buck doesn’t stop with him after all and the media will provide the cover he needs to pass this one off on the American people.