Benghazi Witness Unavailable to Testify, Can’t Be Found


Marine Corps Colonel George Bristol on right

Photo of Marine Corps Colonel George Bristol upon retirement as commander of the joint special operations, AFRICOM, in March, 2013

It is likely that more obfuscation and delay tactics are being employed by the administration in the Benghazi investigation. Republican House members are being kept from interviewing a key witness. The witness, Marine Corps Col. George Bristol, was commander of joint special operations, AFRICOM at the time of the Benghazi attack and is, for all intents and purposes, now missing and he cannot be found.

The House committee investigating Benghazi met in a closed hearing on June 26 with other military members in the AFRICOM chain of command. The witnesses included Bristol’s former superiors: commander of Special Operations Command Africa Rear Adm. Brian Losey and former AFRICOM commander Gen. Carter Ham.

They now want to meet with Bristol and they also want to know why he wasn’t made available, according to CBS News.

Colonel Bristol’s lack of availability is unusual because of the position he held and because the Department of Defense has been more cooperative than most of the Obama administration.

Bristol cannot be found and the DOD will not tell Republicans where he is. The Pentagon says they cannot compel retired military to testify before Congress and they won’t intervene.

The Pentagon also said the House can subpoena him but the House doesn’t know where he is which makes it rather difficult to fill out a subpoena.

Why wouldn’t Bristol want to testify?

Rep. Chaffetz responded to the Pentagon by saying, “that is hogwash.” He says it raises questions as to why.

Colonel Bristol retired from his position in March of this year. During his retirement ceremony pictured above, Bristol said that “An evil” has descended on Africa. It is on us to stomp it out.” He was referring to the Islamic takeover in large swaths of Africa, takeovers which are as serious as what we saw in Mali.

Stars and Stripes quoted Rear Admiral Losey as crediting Bristol with “shepherding the understaffed task force through a tumultuous year, dealing with “a number of crises that didn’t quite hit the press.” It sounds like they should have.

AFRICOM has been building up forces to deal with the emerging terror threats in the Horn of Africa, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria and Mali.

Is this what Obama doesn’t want discussed or is there information about Benghazi that Bristol will truthfully testify about?