Berlin Terrorist(s) Might Be on the Loose – updates


The Berlin Christmas day terror attack, which killed 12 and injured dozens, was originally being called a truck crash, but is presently being labeled a deliberate terror attack, Berlin police are now saying. The refugee they have in custody might be the wrong man.[Update: He was released Tuesday and the police reported that the Polish truck driver Lukasz Urban was stabbed, beaten, shot to death by the Berlin terrorist.]

ISIS has taken credit through their Amaq News Agency.

WELT is condemning the police for arresting the suspect with insufficient information and blaming bigotry and prejudice. While the attack bears signs of an Islamic attack, they don’t know and condemn the harsh words being used against Merkel.

Merkel is calling it a terror attack.

The Berlin police reported that they had arrested a Pakistani refuge as the driver of the lorry driven into crowds of Christmas shoppers. They now say they might have the wrong guy and the perpetrator(s) are on the loose to cause more terrorism. A massive manhunt is underway.

WELT reported:
“We have the wrong man,” says the Berlin police. “And thus a new situation. For the real culprit is still armed at large and can cause new damage. “The capital’s preparedness police and the special forces were informed.

The Pakistani suspect did not have “blood of the victim” on his clothes and a German police source says they have the “wrong guy”.

Spiegel Online reported that the Police chairman Klaus Kandt said, “It is in fact uncertain that it was the driver,” said police president Klaus Kandt on Tuesday, but he was not clear.

However, the police chairman did not express a clear warning. “We will now clarify the extent to which the suspicion of the crime has hardened,” Kandt continued. If it turns out that the suspect is not the offender, of course, is further determined. The Berlin police warned about the social networks to general caution (keep track of all developments in the newsblog).

The suspect was arrested on the basis of eyewitness accounts.

WELT reported:

According to the Berlin police chairman Klaus Kandt, the investigators are not sure whether the detainee was the driver of the death truck. The investigations continued, he told journalists in Berlin.

The suspect denies being the driver. He is a refugee from Pakistan who has not completed the process.

Why are Pakistanis refugees?

Berlin is calling it a terror attack and police in bulletproof vests now guard the Christmas market with machine guns and barricades. ISIS – and no terror group – have taken credit.

According to Laut de Maizière,  the Minister of the Interior, “there is no longer any doubt that the terrible event last night was an attack.” The semitrailer was consciously controlled in the human population. “We are dealing with a brutal assassination attempt,” said the minister. An official confession of a terrorist group does not yet exist, but indirect assurances.

Yes, all Merkel did was bring in more unvetted migrants than all Western nations combined in order to replace the population.

She really feels for the victims though.

This is the lorry that rode over people who were crushed under its weight.