Bernie Peeps March in Philly Against the DARK Democrat Party

revcom is back
Rev Com Pays for the Bernie signs

Revcom, otherwise known as The Revolutionary Communist Party, is back and marching in Philly and they still hate Capitalism and America.

The Revolutionary Communist Party signs are being carried by Bernie's people because they are the same people.

The “protesters” are ramping up as the DNC convention begins with the head resigning in disgrace and as a Marxist, Donna Brazile, takes over at least temporarily. They have nothing to lose by rioting and everything to gain. If they secure more power in the DNC and the Democrat Party and get more concessions, it’s a win-win.

Sanders supporters are infuriated over the leaked emails that show the Florida congresswoman and her team at the DNC rigged the election to ensure Hillary’s election.

Here is the Shame Hillary chant: Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary.

Here is another lovely chant.

They are trashing Hillary, the DNC and Tim Kaine.

With polls showing 57% of Democrats saying Socialism could make America great again, there is reason to believe he might have won if he wasn’t beaten down along the way by a DNC-media collusion.

While Wasserman-Schultz’s resignation could calm that storm, the liberal wing still appears intent on protesting over other grievances including Clinton, the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, picking Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate.

Hillary is trying to present him as a Progressive but he’s a crony corporatist.

This is the left’s opportunity to move the party even further left.

The majority of the youth support Bernie and his theft for freebies policies. Too many leftist professors in our colleges for too many years have frightened these college kids into this mindset that they need big government for everything. They honestly believe the computer predictions on the environment, which have been, in the least, exposed as greatly exaggerated, are true and we are all going to die if we don’t do what these loons in the administration tell us to do.

Climate Change is about grabbing power, period.

I am going to take back my prediction that the Democrat Party will settle for Socialism, they might just jump to Communism. That is what Bernie is though the activists will tell you he’s not. You know what stands between statists whether they call themselves Democrat Socialists, Socialists or Communists? Time…that’s all, time. They are all going to the same DARK place.

There is good news in this for environmental Communist Jill Stein.






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