Bernie Sanders Makes a Frightening Prediction About Our Future


CBS News anchor John Dickerson interviewed Socialist Bernie Sanders only to have Sanders come out with a frightening and accurate prediction.

DICKERSON: “Turning to the democratic race, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by eight points in our Pennsylvania battleground tracker, 51% to 43%. In Indiana it’s a tighter race there, too. Clinton is up 5 points over Sanders 49-44 among likely Democratic primary voters with that we turn to Senator Sanders who joins us from Providence this morning. Senator, I want to ask, Hillary Clinton has more votes and delegates is it your view that Democrats want to vote for you but that there is something rigged about the system that is keeping that from happening?”

SANDERS: “John, we started this campaign 60 points behind secretary Clinton. In the last couple of weeks the number of the national polls have had us tied, me ahead a little bit or her ahead. We have come an enormous way. We are running against the most powerful organization in the United States of America. I’m proud of the campaign that we have. We have won 16 states right now in almost all of the contests we win the younger people. By that I mean not just kids but people 45 years of age or under. I think the ideas we are talking about are what the American people and people in Democratic Party want to hear, we are the future of the Democratic Party. I’m very proud of where we are and we look forward to finding this out through California.”

Is there any doubt that if he were a handsome, charming communist, worse than Obama, that he or she could win?

Unless something is done to reverse the damage by the far-left and cultural Marxist professors, media and artists, the youth will continue to be lost to socialism and communism generation after generation.

They have no idea what they are wishing on themselves and their future children.

Currently, no one works in 1 in 5 families in 2015, or 19.7 percent, in which no one in the family worked, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We are creating a welfare state and importing foreigners illegally to hasten our downfall into welfare ignominy.

Americans earning six figures now pay 80% of the taxes though the left will pretend it’s not true.

Americans earning six figures or more paid 79.5 percent of the nation’s share in individual income taxes in 2014, according to the latest preliminary data from the Internal Revenue Service.

“Liberals say that high earners pay a high share of taxes only because they have high incomes,” explains Chris Edwards, a tax policy expert at the Cato Institute. “But high earners also pay much higher tax rates than everyone else. For example, Congressional Budget Office data show that the average federal income tax rate for the top fifth of households is 14 percent, but the average rate for the middle fifth is only 2 percent.”

“The [Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development] has found that the United States has the most “progressive” or graduated income tax among all high-income nations,” Edwards said. “If Congress proceeds with major tax reform next year, it should focus on making the tax code more equal and proportional. The level of progressivity in the tax code has become extreme.”

Bernie thinks a top tax rate of 90% is fine and the youth excuse it as we’ve done it before and it’s only the rich who will pay.

This is a massive redistribution of wealth.

Sanders has barely worked a day in his life. He connived to get his government jobs and has made no contributions while in the Senate. He was allegedly kicked out of a hippie commune for laziness. That wouldn’t be a surprise. It’s a permanent condition brought on by communism and socialism. They steal from those who do work so they can get everything for free.



  1. We are and have been lost to Socialism for a long time, Corporate socialism, and if we do not do something to stop it, we as a nation are lost

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