Bernie Sanders Sends Out a Dire Warning About Socialism



If Ayn Rand lived today, she might say: “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

Bernie Sanders assured the American people today that if Hillary adopts his Socialist agenda, she will win in a landslide. That was reassurance for Democrats and a dire warning for the rest of the country, including the anti-Trump Republicans.


There is little doubt that Bernie Sanders has a great advantage in this Democrat election primary. Sanders has won the argument with most Democrats and others that the government, Wall Street, and the primary are rigged. His poll numbers are better up against Donald Trump – alarmingly. The hate the rich, anti-Capitalism mantra is very successful.

Bernie is promising a lot of freebies.

One would hope that these Bernie supporters simply don’t understand what they are voting for but when you see the hate and anger aimed at Donald Trump and his supporters and at other Democrats, you can’t be certain.

The new Progressive movement includes violent Anarchists, Socialists, Communists and Fascists as have past, similar movements. The resistance we used to count on in the US is not as resolute or as widespread as it was. We are divided because of the dangerous game the Democrats have played – identity politics – and we are lazy, unaware, and apathetic.

The Democrat Party is in the position of having to move hard left because of Bernie’s success. As Democrat strategist Doug Schoen told Sean Hannity last week, Bernie is the most important man in the Democrat Party today.

If you don’t think normal Democrats won’t capitulate, you’re wrong. Democrats, and even some Independents, are already praising Communists and advocating Fascist rules and regulations – look around.

Bernie is making the case to Hillary – adopt Socialism or lose Bernie supporters. He’s out trying to seduce the super delegates. Hillary is saying Trump poses a danger to the US and she must do whatever it takes.

Hillary Clinton said in an interview Sunday on Meet the Press,” said she’s ready to talk to Sanders about merging platforms.

“I think that Senator Sanders has every right to finish off his campaign however he chooses,” she said. “I do think there will then be the obvious need for us to unify the party. I faced the same challenge in 2008. I will certainly do my part reaching out to Senator Sanders, reaching out to his supporters and I expect him to do his.”

And asked if she’d cede to changes the Sanders campaign has demanded, Clinton also offered an olive branch.

“We’re going to talk with him when he’s ready to talk and listen to him,” she said. “We will take into account what he is asking for. I think that’s part of the process.”

“I’m going to say when it’s time I’m reaching out to do my part to try to unify the party,” she said.

Make no mistake, Bernie will push for a full Socialist agenda and his uninformed followers will think he’s pushing us to become Sweden, which would be bad enough, but it’s actually Venezuela he’s aiming for – Venezuela where they are killing each other fighting over garbage to eat.

It’s too early to talk of Bernie being Hillary’s running mate, but it’s a definite possibility. In the least, he will return as a very powerful senator – an almost communist senator.