Bernie Sanders Tells CBS What Hillary Would Have to Do for His Support



Bernie Sanders was interviewed by John Dickerson of CBS News Face the Nation on Sunday and was asked what it would take for him to support Hillary should his campaign fail.

Clinton will have to support that $15 national minimum wage, come out against fracking more forcefully, free Medicare-for-all health care for all as a right, paid family and medical leave, tuition-free college, and a carbon tax to save the planet.

Whether he supports her depends on “how she responds to the needs of millions of Americans who are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics,” he said.

Sanders said “.. .if she is the nominee,” she has to do all that and it’s imperative “that she does that well.”.

He wants a much more vigorous climate change program.

We are beginning to see the effect these horrendous socialist policies will have on our nation. They all hurt the poor and middle class.

Oren Cass, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute published a report last week titled, Obama’s Global Warming Plan Would Cost Poor Americans $44 Billion, Raise Taxes By 166%.

It found that Obama’s global warming policies, which Sanders doesn’t find “vigorous” enough, impose heavy and disproportionate costs on lower-income households in the US. His Clean Power Plan (CPP) and proposal for a $10.25 per barrel oil tax equals $25 to $30 per ton carbon tax which would cost America’s poorest families tens of billions of dollars.

Obama’s climate policies would cover four-fifths of U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions and would be similar in scope to an economy-wide carbon tax.

Bernie wants something much more extreme.

None of the policies have worked and Bernie is going to push Hillary to doing more of the same in a much more extreme way.

The United States as we know it cannot survive under these policies. This is the blueprint for a Socialist United States.



  1. say what you like about mr. sanders but he’s dead straight on glass-steagall.
    in a nutshell it prevented banks from using their assets (our money) to invest
    in the market. that distinction separated ‘commercial’ from ‘investment’ banking.
    when banks can use our dollars as investment leverage they get really big and risky,
    remember 1929?

    our financial house has not been in order since mr. clinton allowed the repeal of glass-steagall.
    our financial weakness (19 some trillion in debt) is the greatest threat to our natl. security;
    if we can’t pay for things ms. noble we’ll lose our say in world affairs and our foreign prowess will suffer.

    no other candidate on either side is talking about this, please research:

    and yes if worse comes to worse we still have the best defensive force by far but it needs to get paid…b

      • thank you for the ‘you might be right’ consideration, i ‘might be right’ on the fracking thing too.
        sara i dearly wish someone on the republican side would take up these issues but they will not;
        if wishes were horses we’d all ride away.
        no worries about mr. sanders, ms. clinton was always baked into the dnc cake; my worst nightmare.

    • almost forgot about the ‘fracking’ thing, it’s terribly destructive. just ask anyone who lives near a fracking field.
      if real-life health issues aren’t compelling please consider a report on the dramatic rise in the incidence
      of earthquakes in oklahoma over the last few years…
      just say’n…b

      • Some housing developments were put up near a dump in my town. They paid much less for their homes than they would have if it wasn’t near the dump. They then waged a campaign to get rid of the dump. It’s gone and my taxes have risen. In the last school district I worked in, everyone complained about the radio waves from a tower that could be seen in the distance. They said it gave them headaches. People never want to live near anything and that includes windmills. It is a bogus argument.

        Gaslight has been completely debunked.

        The earthquake thing has been debunked also.

        Fracking has reduced CO2 by almost 20%. You didn’t see alternative energy do dipcus.

    • I wouldn’t say “you might be right” on anything. The democrats you apparently support will destroy this country. They want unending debt, outlawing individual investments in anything but US Treasury debt, eliminating freedom of speech other than the speech they approve (destroy 1st Amendment), eliminate gun ownership (destroy 2nd Amendment), they want to eliminate cash so that all of our money is available for overnight raiding by them whenever they wish. I could go on and on about their intended destruction of all individual freedoms – oh other than abortion, gay marriage, and bathroom freedom.

      And, about induced earthquakes, did you read anything on the site you provide? No, I didn’t think so. It’s not all fracking for one thing. Secondly, and more importantly, none of these DAMAGE ANYTHING AT ALL. They are too small. Earthquakes, even major ones, do not seem to prevent leftists like you loving and worshipping everything in Washington, Oregon, and Kalifornia.

      Bernie is nothing but a totally inept useless person that was a failure in everything until he learned that worthless people can succeed in politics. He is simply an angry, jealous, vindictive POS hoping to impose his anger on the rest of us.

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