Bernie Supporters Shout Down Faux-ca-hontas with “We Trusted You”



Elizabeth Warren, Faux-ca-hontas, told a crowd at the DNC to vote for Hillary and Kaine but the Bernie crowd overwhelmed that part of her speech with shouts of, “We Trusted YOU!”

It’s hard to understand why they would trust her. She pretended she was an American Indian to get ahead in her career, she fought for Traveler’s Insurance over the people poisoned by asbestos and then lied about it, she was never poor as claimed, she is rich now, and she made money flipping houses – a very capitalist thing to do.

Why trust a fake “woman of color”?

True Unblemished Tale of the Amazing Fauxahontas Elizabeth Warren


  1. The slogan they shout is good, but as you say, the fundamental question is why would anyone trust Warren (or Hillary). Hillary is irate by now at the behavior at her convention.

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