Bernie Worries About Unemployment – in Gaza



It is going to cost you if you vote for Bernie who thinks he can add trillions more to our $20 trillion in debt. Bernie, you will be interested to know, is very concerned about unemployment in a country ruled by terrorists – Gaza – and if he is president he will do something about it.

Their unemployment is at 40% but of course that is because the only real job opportunities are in terrorizing and killing infidels.

With Bernie, everything is about income inequality, even foreign policy and unemployment in Gaza. Bernie’s view is another variation on terrorists just need jobs which we heard from the Obama administration.

Bernie is also concerned about minority youth unemployment in the US so he wants to hike the minimum wage to double the cost of labor. Expect hiring to go down and businesses to go out.

Complaining about high youth unemployment and then demanding doubling of the minimum wage is classic Bernie – classic Socialism – just do it and ignore how it will get done and what it will cost.

Bernie has said a number of times that homes, health and schools in Gaza have been “decimated” and “I believe the United States and the rest of the world have got to work together to help the Palestinian people.”

The US has given billions to the Palestinians but it’s predominantly used for terrorism and rarely reaches the people.

Hear Bernie talk about how he wants to help the terrorist group Hamas: