Bernie’s “Messy”, Dangerous Socialist Plan for Philadelphia

Bernie Sanders with revolutionary Cornel West
Bernie Sanders with revolutionary Cornel West

This election will be one of the most important elections in US history. The choice is stark. Communism or Capitalism… The United States populace has changed and is very close to selecting Socialism/Communism.

Socialist Sanders doesn’t have a chance of winning thanks to the super delegates and the Democrats’ corrupt primary process, but he can move the Democrat platform to the hard left which is what he plans to do. He’s going all the way to Philadelphia, as he said, to fight for a progressive party platform.”

He’s behind Hillary by more than 3 million votes and 272 pledged delegates, but he has tremendous power given to him by the electorate who chose the hard left.

Sanders has been allowed to pick 5 of the 15 convention delegates while Hillary picks 6. The rest are selected by the DNC and Wasserman-Schultz.

Sanders’ supporters’ “influence over one-third of the party’s platform drafting committee could potentially help to transform U.S. progressive politics for years to come.”

Sanders was pleased. “With five good members on the platform drafting committee,” the candidate told reporters Monday, “we will be in a very strong position to fight for an economy that works for all of our people, not just the 1 percent, to fight to break up the large banks on Wall Street, who in my view now have much too much economic and political power. We will be in a position to fight for a carbon tax, so that this nation can begin to lead the world in aggressively addressing climate change. We will be in a position to fight to have the United States join the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteed health care as a right.”


He predicted the convention could be “messy”. The radical Socialist said, “If you want everything to be quiet and orderly and allow … things to proceed without vigorous debate, that is not what democracy is about.”

Sanders will allow his Army of loons to go out of control if his platform isn’t adopted to some degree. He has already announced that he wants: a $15-per-hour federal minimum wage, a European-style tax on carbon emissions to curb climate change, a hard asset cap on the big banks (which would force them to shrink themselves), a single-payer healthcare system, tuition-free public colleges and universities, and a friendlier posture toward the Palestinians.

Hillary is trying to play centrist Democrat and that platform won’t help her in the general election with Independents.

Sanders’ appointees to the committee could make things messy. He selected: radical black Marxist Cornel West, hardcore climate activist Bill McKibben, Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Keith Ellison, Muslim rights spokesperson James Zogby, and Native American tribal rights leader Deborah Parker. They are known to be the most radical, uncompromising of fringe leftists.

They are agitators.

It’s hard to know what Sanders will settle for. He doesn’t want Trump to win but he will push the party as far left as he believes possible. If he doesn’t like the final platform, he will bring every one of his issues to the Philadelphia convention floor.

According to the DNC rulebook, he can do it. because he has more than 46 percent of this year’s total pledged delegates,Sanders will control more than 40 percent of the platform committee.

He might only need to threaten it for Hillary and the Democrats to cave.

When his Army of loons misbehaved in Nevada, he didn’t apologize. He approves. It’s helping him get to where he wants.

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