Best Performance by a Loser at Sunday’s Grammys


The wife of accused rapist Bill Clinton got the biggest applause of the night as she read from the book by yellow journalism author Michael Wolfe during last night’s Grammys.

The nasty woman we all know as Hillary, and who still hasn’t won the presidency, has a sense of humor that often relies on hurting others.

The only way she could have lowered herself more is if she rapped. She is the very reason Donald Trump is President.

Remember how she laughed after getting the child rapist off although she figured he was guilty and the little girl was greatly harmed?

This woman wanted to be president and now she’s sadly reading out of a weird book while Trump is courageously fighting for America.

She wasn’t alone in reading from the book by misfit Michael Wolfe. Other stars, including the aged Cher, read from the sordid, gossip book, trying to be cool. The ‘stars’ had to ruin the Grammys for half the nation because this is who they are now.

Here’s a little treat for you.


  1. How low-life and ugly for HRC and Cher. Pathetic conduct showing their lack of class. Cheapening of the culture to belittle the duly elected POTUS

  2. tHE “gRAMMYS have been hijacked by George Soros and Hillary Clinton. We will all rejoice when that corrupt whore is put in handcuffs and taken to the federal lock up with a “no bail” status. The whole show was just TRASH. Never will I watch the Grammy awards nor will I patronize any of the “so called artists” who
    trashed the President, Legend, Kiss My Marine Ass.

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