Betrayal: Obama Releases Intel About Israeli Operations in Syria


Damascus-Explosion-YouTube-620x349 Photo of nighttime raid on Damascus by Israeli forces

A diplomat has reported to The World Tribune that Obama gave permission to the US intelligence community to leak intel about Israeli military operations against the Assad regime.

Israel is attempting to keep Assad’s Civil War from coming across their borders.

Also leaked was information about Israeli Air and naval strikes on advanced Iranian and Russian weapons that arrived in 2013.

This is an attempt by Obama to control Israel. He is concerned that Israel will set off a regional war.

Iran, Russia and Syria certainly appreciate the leaks. Iran and Russia have been flooding Syria with military assistance. The Revolutionary Guards have been sending in thousands of soldiers to aid Assad. Obama doesn’t seem concerned about that.

“The Israelis have also been going to their friends in Congress to stop 
the leaks.” the diplomat said.“The leaks will continue because there is a lot of resentment within the
 U.S. intelligence community over Israeli assessments regarding such 
countries as Egypt, Iran and Syria,” the diplomat added.

Undoubtedly, the diplomat was speaking for Obama.

An Iran-Russia-Syria coalition is a danger to the region and to Israel. An Iran with a nuclear bomb poses an existential threat to the region and to US interests.

Obama is also unhappy with Israel’s attitude towards Egypt. Obama took the side of Mohammad Morsi throughout his tenure though he proved to be a dictator. After Morsi was deposed, Obama continued to support Morsi as the ‘democratically elected president,’ ignoring Morsi’s fascist takeover.

Obama and Hillary Clinton did the same in Honduras when Honduras threw out their dictator-wannabe who tried to abolish their constitution.

It is hard to know whose side Obama is on.