Beyoncé Just Got a Clear Message from Law Enforcement


beyonce black panthers dance

Miami’s police union members have voted to boycott Beyoncé’s concert at Marlins Park in April because of her Super Bowl performance and the release of a video that pays homage to the Black Panthers.

Beyoncé ruined the Super Bowl halftime show for many with her racist, anti-police performance highlighting her song Formation. “I twirl on my haters,” she sings. “Albino alligators.”  She and her dancers honored the hate group Black Lives Matter, Malcolm X and the murderous Black Panthers. Now she wants off-duty cops to work her show in Miami.

So far, no one has signed up, not a soul, nada, zero.

Her “Transformation” music video shows a young black child standing before riot police and graffiti with the words “stop shooting us.”

Police activism might not work though.

“We’re going to staff it because we have a responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be or the politician might be,” Steve Hegarty, a spokesman for the Tampa Police Department told the Times. “This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.”

She has money. Let her hire private guards and make sure they’re all sympathizers. She shouldn’t lower herself to ask for help from people she hates.

Some are even calling for a Beyoncé boycott.



  1. I was feeling dissapointed when an unseen event kept me from watching the Super Bowl this year. That was until Cam didn’t place his hand over his heart during our National Athem and Beyonce pledged her support for a terrorist group.

    America, we are in serious trouble.

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