BHO Lied About Illegal Immigration


O'Keefe as Osama

James O’Keefe crosses the Rio Grande dressed as Osama bin Laden. Do you feel safe?

The current border crisis is not a crisis of unaccompanied children, the numbers being fed to the public are inaccurate. It is, however, a crisis of unvetted adults. The government has distracted us with what appears to be false stats that keep the public from seeing the real problem which is – unvetted illegal immigrants enter this country on a continual basis and some of them are criminals or jihadists.

It’s not about the children, there are far fewer of them than the government has told us, though there are unaccompanied children who are a concern.

The government, however, has no receipts for 40,000 of the unaccompanied children.

National Review Online has uncovered this discrepancy between the number of Border Patrol apprehensions and the actual court receipts. There are 40,000 missing unaccompanied children between the apprehension numbers and the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review.

There are a number of reasons for some of the discrepancy such as people being overworked and an inefficient bureaucracy, but a possible reason for much of the discrepancy is that the numbers were mischaracterized by the government. The missing children were most likely accompanied. Certainly, many are with their illegal alien parents in this country.  When those buses rolled into Murrieta and other towns, the children on them were all accompanied, but that message was often muffled by the administration and the media.

Perhaps that is not the reason. It could simply be “deliberate chaos” as the director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Reform believes.

Either way, the results are the same. They are not giving us the facts.

Large numbers of unaccompanied children engender sympathy and keep all eyes on the shiny object while hundreds of thousands of illegal adults cross over our borders. The “new arrivals”, as Nancy Pelosi likes to call them, will, for the most part, become Democrats. If that weren’t the case, the borders would be closed.

We are being invaded by overwhelming numbers of adults.

The Census Bureau calculates that one new migrant enters the United States legally every 40 seconds on net, according to the National Review Online.

We don’t need to admit illegal immigrants to fill jobs in this country.

Americas Freedom Fighters reported that Vice President Joe Biden told the National Association of Manufacturers crowd that the U.S.A. needs MORE illegal aliens crossing our borders! 

“We need it badly from a purely — purely economic point of view,” Mr. Biden said, The Hill reported.

Biden lied as he repeated the administration’s false narrative.

The Census Bureau’s U.S. and World Population Clock lists “components of population change” on the website: “one birth every 7 seconds;” “one death every 13 seconds;” “one international migrant (net) every 40 seconds;” making for a “net gain of one person every 12 seconds,” the National Review reported.

On top of this, we have a continual, non-stop flow of immigrants who are coming here illegally and we don’t know who they are. Anyone who thinks criminals and jihadists won’t exploit the situation are probably unaware of the facts.

Most U.S. crime is committed by illegal alien gangs.

At least 300 extremists affiliated with al-Qaida’s Somalia syndicate al-Shabab recently entered the United States unaccounted for. Terrorist watch-list suspects were also detained trying to get into the country through California.

That’s only a small portion of what we know and our administration knows.

Oh, and by the way, Osama bin Laden is alive! James O’Keefe, conservative activist, crossed the border recently dressed as Osama bin Laden. No one stopped him. This video won’t make you feel very safe


video via Project Veritas

Under Janet Napolitano, the Border Patrol adopted a strategy called “Defense in Depth.” This strategy effectively pulled thousands of agents off the border and into positions that were 50 to 80 miles north of the line.

Napolitano called this “smart effective border security and immigration enforcement.” Rather than stopping the illegal aliens and drug smugglers at the border, DHS created a Maginot Line that was even less effective than the original French version (and we know how that one worked).

Because of this Defense in Depth policy, agents are not allowed to work certain areas where they know there is smuggling activity.

If you have overwhelming enforcement at the physical border, the probability of detecting and apprehending illegal aliens within one mile is extremely high. For every mile that a smuggler puts between himself and the border, the route options available to him will increase exponentially. If you are a Border Patrol agent sitting 50 miles north of the border, (instead of sitting on it), the probability that you will find that smuggler approaches zero.

The following two audios are from listening posts in the Rio Grande via secureborderintel and they detail  some of the illegal traffic spotted by Border Patrol air surveillance.

No one is sent back, even obvious gang members.

ALL have been distributed deep into the interior of the United States… ALL got their “Permiso”.

The “body count” of illegal aliens and drug smugglers for just three days of released audio is 2,014 and it represents only a fraction of the enforcement activity occurring in the McAllen and Laredo Sectors.

If you maintain the false notion that the border is “secure” or is “under operational” control, I urge you to listen to the audio clip of August 5th.

As indicated in previous releases of audio, these groups are overwhelmingly attempting to evade detection and apprehension. They are not “unaccompanied alien children.”

The word is out and more will come.

Border Audio – 08/1/14 thru 8/7/14 – McAllen, Texas – 770 People (Bodies)

(This number is based only on radio traffic that was broadcast “in the clear.”)

Make note of the number of juvenile males and notice the return to dropping off Family Units at the McAllen Bus station toward the end of the  clip.

Five Minutes of condensed audio covering the 7 day period, 8/1/14 thru 8/7/14: CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO

Border Audio – McAllen, Texas – 08/05/14 – 81 groups – 707 People (Bodies) in the Rio Grande

They are NOT illegal alien children

13 Minutes of condensed audio covering a 24 hour period: CLICK HERE

In the following video, Sheriff Babeau talks about the fact that there is no immigration law thanks to Mr. Obama.


Agent Shawn Moron blames both parties for the constant flow of illegals across our borders in the next video.


Our political leaders are not looking out for the folks.

In 2010, the government told us we had 11 million illegals, millions have come over and they are still telling us there are 11 million here.  The government is lying.

When Emma Lazarus’ sonnet was emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty, there was a lot of controversy surrounding its message. The poem, with its “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” sounded like too much of an invite to many, but opponents were dismissed as racists and nativists.

Perhaps the opponents were more prescient than narrow-minded.

The United States is not a borderless state that anyone can enter. We are a country. It is a privilege to be here and people who are allowed to come should meet set standards, abide by our customs, and meet certain criteria. Otherwise we are not a country and our Republic will die along with all the good things we represent.