Biden Sorry He Talked about Greedy, Dishonest Shylocks in Banking


Sarah Palin can’t be Vice President but Joe Biden who thinks jobs is a three letter word and that FDR discussed the Stock Market crash on television, can be. Joe Biden misspoke again and angered Jewish groups.

While addressing the Legal Services Corporation he talked about shylocks, describing them as greedy and dishonest bankers taking advantage of U.S. soldiers deployed overseas.

This is considered anti-Semitic. It feeds a stereotype of Jews.

Shylock was a Jewish moneylender in “The Merchant of Venice” who cruelly demanded his “pound of flesh” from a merchant who couldn’t pay off a loan.

This is like saying you need to speak Arabic to go into a 7-11 – only worse.


I included a photo of Joe with his mouth waiting for the shoe.

Joe has since apologized for his “poor choice of words”.


Source: haaretz