Censorship and Control of Job Data Is Now A Reality


Will the government manipulate jobs data as of June 6th when new rules take place which will restrict media access to Department of Labor statistics to government controlled releases?

As of June 6th, media organizations will no longer be allowed to have their own equipment hooked up at the Department of Labor. They will have to use the government equipment, software, and connections. The Department of Labor will not promise that market-sensitive economic releases will come out at exactly the same time.

The problem with this is that the markets are more sensitive to Department of Labor statistics than any other data. If some investors get the information before others, it will create discrepancies and volatility in the markets.

Carl A. Fillichio, the department’s senior adviser for communications and public affairs in Washington, said the changes were necessary for security purposes and that they are actually leveling the playing field. Others see it as “seizing control over the means of communication.”

Media organizations were not given the opportunity to comment prior to the changes.

According to Bloomberg, Journalists have also been told to reapply for lockup credentials and that space may be limited.

Their press release –

…The lock-up facility is small, and the department anticipates that there will be space for a total of only 20-30 journalists. Accordingly, depending on the number of requests received, the department might not be able to grant credentials in response to all of the requests (and might not issue more than one credential to any single news organization)…

…Given the limited number of work stations/seats, and the Department’s goal in advancing the purpose of pre- release access, the Department will credential news organizations that

  • are primarily journalistic enterprises; and
  • prepare – and publish, broadcast, and/or post on the Internet – time-sensitive summaries and analysis of Department data, which are likely to contribute significantly to public understanding through the dissemination of original news, analysis and/or opinion.

In addition, the Department believes that the purpose of pre-release access would be best served if the Department’s credentialing decisions result in a group of credentialed news organizations which, when considered as an overall group (and not necessarily on an individual basis), distribute a variety of types of news/media products that reach a wide and diverse audience, including geographically, and general public versus specialized media.

The Department will not consider editorial or political viewpoints in making credentialing decisions…


Read here: Bloomberg