Big Government Plans to Control Vehicle Speeds Under a New “Rule”


The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed a new rule that would force buses and trucks to be equipped with devices limiting speed.

They want to control us as if we were pieces on a chess board. They are considering setting the speed at 60, 65 or 68 miles per hour. Some states allow speeds of 85 mph, however.

The excuse is that it is best for safety and fuel and emissions savings but, in fact, they just want to control us.

Inexplicably, the American Trucking Association enthusiastically supports it.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has a different viewpoint and said the rules would take control out of the hands of drivers keeping them from speeding up to avoid danger.

Vehicle manufacturers and companies that purchase and operate the vehicles would be subjected to the rules.

When did it become constitutional to control our vehicles as we are driving ? How long before these devices end up in cars? It won’t be long and it’s inevitable.

There is nothing to say that after spending the money for these devices that they won’t fail and cause more accidents.

Are we really a nation that is going to allow the government — anonymous, unaccountable, unelected pencil pushers — to control our speed on the roads with a device? What next?

Did you ever think it would get this bad? The president and his Democrat Party are about one thing — control, more and more control without end.

We are nothing but sheep being led to slaughter.

Source: Yahoo





  1. Another attack on businesses as well. Years ago, I worked in the steamship industry. When the freight came into a pier on the west coast, once unloaded from the vessel and picked up by a trucker, that trucker had 72 hours to get the freight to the east coast and vice versa.

    Imagine the time frame if the DOT installed devices that would deter truckers from reaching their destinations in a timely fashion. I know, I know. Speeding is bad but image the effect of taking the control out of the hands of the truck driver, the loss of revenue, accidents and possibly the loss of life.

    At the same time, the consumer would as always bear the brunt of these draconian regulations.

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