Big Mainstream News Story: Muslim Chaplain May or May Not Have Been a Victim of Discrimination


The following story is one that never should have been reported by the mainstream media. It was unvetted and only one side was presented.

Tahera Ahmad, an associate chaplain at Northwestern University, claimed discrimination by a United Airlines flight attendant. She is a CAIR activist.


You can read her angry post which she sent while still in the air. If this is true, she has every right to be angry but we have no evidence it’s true – only her word which is not enough to satisfy journalistic requirements.

This story is not all that believable but it could have happened or not. The media ran with it anyway and presented her side of the story and left United hanging in the wind. The media is so corrupt that any minority can pretty much claim anything and the media will report it as fact.

Ms. Ahmad was recognized as a leading Muslim woman at a White House dinner in April 2014 but she also has ties to some sketchy organizations like CAIR and ISNA.

United Airlines apologized for the alleged insult to Ms. Ahmad. They probably thought they had to in order to shut down any potential bleeding:

Shuttle America Flight 3504

United Communications
UPDATED: Jun 3, 2015 at 1:45PM

While United did not operate the flight, Ms. Ahmad was our customer and we apologize to her for what occurred on the flight.
After investigating this matter, United has ensured that the flight attendant, a Shuttle America employee, will no longer serve United customers.

United does not tolerate behavior that is discriminatory – or that appears to be discriminatory – against our customers or employees.

All of United’s customer-facing employees undergo annual and recurrent customer service training, which includes lessons in cultural awareness. Customer-facing employees for Shuttle America also undergo cultural sensitivity training, and United will continue to work with all of our partners to deliver service that reflects United’s commitment to cultural awareness.

It’s hard to know how cultural awareness has anything to do with this case but Ms. Ahmad did claim Islamophobia. She suspiciously ended with #IslamophobiaISREAL. CAIR is on a mission to prove Muslims are regularly victimized by haters in this country even though there’s little proof Islamphobia is any more real than Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.

Muslims say they can lie to infidels so no one believes them about anything especially when they are Muslim Brotherhood activists unless they’re journalists in the mainstream media. Then they report what they say verbatim.

Making the rounds is this comment on flyer talk.


It’s hard to know if either person is telling the truth including the anonymous “comeflywithme33” though the details provided are interesting.

It’s highly questionable that United Airlines did much of an investigation. The media certainly didn’t.

United just wants this to go away, especially since they were threatened with a boycott by Twitter users, a favored tactic of left-wing activists.

Ms. Ahmad said United “trivialized” her complaint and it isn’t about a soda can, it’s about…[get this]…”systemic injustice”.

They system in the Middle East and Africa is pretty unjust to the Christians, Muslims and Yazidis being beheaded.

CAIR Chicago might sue. It’s what CAIR does.

United is being sued for $5 million right now by some woman who was upset she didn’t get to watch a movie. This complaint by Ms. Ahmad is just par for the course for the airline.

Hopefully a passenger or passengers or other airline employees will come forward with the truth whatever it is. We won’t get the truth from the media.


  1. Question: Do Shuttle America RJs have wifi capability? If not, it sort of kills the credibility of the new witness who claims he saw her log on and post her complaint mid-flight.

    • I don’t know if the ‘witness’ is credible but Ms. Ahmad did say she was posting during the flight.

      • I saw she had the “LTE” icon next to her post (which she could not get at cruise altitude). I wondered if she wrote it and then sent it after landing when she got a data signal. I don’t think Shuttle America has wifi. The only reason I’m asking is that it undermines the credibility of the new witness statement (regarding her dramatic purchase of onboard wifi after the incident) if the plane is not wifi capable.

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