Big News Dropped by Trump During the Carson Endorsement



Dr. Ben Carson said that Donald Trump is “someone you can reason with” when he endorsed him Friday, calling Trump “cerebral” and “deeply concerned about America”. It also looks like the beloved and somewhat quickly neurosurgeon will have a lot of involvement in Trump’s campaign. Trump said yesterday that Dr. Carson will be “very much involved.”

Could the doctor get the VP spot?

During the debate last night, Trump said, “It was very interesting, I was with Dr. Ben Carson today, who is endorsing me, by the way, tomorrow morning,” Trump said to loud applause. “We were talking, we spoke for over an hour on education and he has such a great handle on it.”

“He wants competitive schools,” Trump continued. “He wants a lot of different things that are terrific, including charter schools — by the way, that the unions are fighting like crazy. But charter schools work and they work very well. So there are a lot of things, but I’m going to have Ben very much involved with education, something that really is an expertise of his.”

Trump only met with Carson for about an hour. Trump has also said he will get rid of the Department of Education.

When he was questioned about Carson working on education when it’s the states that handle it, Trump said Dr. Carson could help the states.

After the endorsement on Friday, Trump said he wants Carson to also work on healthcare. He said he hasn’t offered Carson a job, Carson just cares and wants to help, but he is going to have a big part in his campaign.

Trump always seemed to like Carson but not when he was running second.

This is what Trump said when Dr. Carson was number two in the race. He hit all the controversies in two minutes:

In a funny interlude during the campaign when Dr. Carson looked like a front runner, Dr. Carson was being accused by the press of never having tried to stab his friend or hit his mother with a hammer so he had to go around convincing people it was true.

Trump said at the time, “what the hell we have come to…when we have to believe this kind of stuff…and we’re going to put somebody in office who considers himself to have pathological disease?”

Dr. Carson dismissed it as political stuff today as did Trump, they’ve buried the hatchet and Carson said he wants “the voice of the people to be heard”.

“I want the voice of the people to be heard. I want the political process to play out in the way that it should play out,” the former presidential candidate said at a press conference in Palm Beach, Florida.

“Having his support, really, it just adds total credence to what I’m trying to do and to what we’re all trying to do,” Trump said at the news conference, introducing Carson.

As an aside, this does provide somewhat of a shield against charges of racism made against Trump and might give him some small support with black voters.


Carson was asked why not support Senator Cruz and he said that he believes Trump can break the stranglehold of the special interests. A reporter wanted to know if he was holding any bitter feelings towards Cruz but Carson has completely forgiven him and said Cruz apologized and said he didn’t really know that was going on.

He strongly feels that we cannot allow Trump’s candidacy to be fractured because it will destroy the party and allow the socialist Hillary to win office. We can’t do that. He referred to Hillary’s first name basis with Alinsky.

He was asked if he is endorsing Trump to stop the movement that will destroy the party or is it about Trump. Carson suggested Trump is a bit of an iconoclast and he listens. He thinks Trump can get the job done because it’s about the people and an “equality of opportunity” while having “sensitivity” to the downtrodden.

Trump can make America great again, Carson said. We are in a place of incredible stagnation and we don’t need to be there. If we set up an environment for capital investment, you will see an explosion, Carson assured the audience.

Trump at first agreed with Carson that he was two Trumps, then said he’s not, then he  was, wasn’t, then concluded he has two sides as he evolved during the question and answer period after the endorsement.

Major Garrett told CBSN that he doesn’t see Trump as cerebral but what he does see is that he wins far more often than he loses. What Trump brings to his personal and business life, he’s brought to politics and that is, he is focused on results. He’s obsessed with results.

Carson added:

“I think a lot of young people think socialism is just being concerned about other people. That’s not what it is. It’s cradle to grave government, and you let them take care of you, but you give them all of your money. You give them control of your life. They all end up looking the same way.

A small group of elites at the top controllinging everything. A rapidly diminishing middle class and a vastly expanded dependent class. That is not what made America great.