Big Night at the Sentinel Thanks to Mark Levin & Mark Sanford


mark and mark

photo of Mark Levin, The Great One, and new congressman, Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford won the 1st congressional seat in the South Carolina special election this evening!

And we are glad for that at the Sentinel!

Mark Sanford asked the public for forgiveness for his past personal escapades and apparently the people did forgive him.  By all accounts Mark Sanford is smart and did a good job as Governor. More importantly, his political views match up with those of his community.

The liberal Elizabeth Colbert-Busch was hiding from debates and interviews because if the South Carolinians knew what she really stood for, they wouldn’t vote for her.

She tried to distance herself from the Democratic Party but the South Carolinians didn’t fall for it.

We cannot and did not lose South Carolina!

We had a second thrill here at the Sentinel this evening when our Constitutional warrior, Mark Levin, referred to our article.


We love Mark Levin here at the Sentinel!

Go to 19:24 on the May 7 broadcast of the Mark Levin Show and you will hear Mark quote from the Sentinel article about the South Carolina race.  At the end, he talked about the fact that the lamestream never mentioned her arrest and that “it was left to the Sentinel, whatever the hell that is!” What fun!

It is amazing, isn’t it? We have to get out news from Internet sites because the mainstream news wants to pick-and-choose. They want to decide what we will be interested in and what we will think. They are no longer watchdogs, looking out for the people, they are looking out for the elite.