Bill Clinton, Champion of Women in the Faux War on Women


Former President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the Democratic convention. He’s a great representative for the Democrats as they pretend they are protecting women from the Republicans’ war on women (that would be the faux war).

He’s the best, really. Aside from his ongoing womanizing in and out of the White House, he’s been accused of sexually assaulting women.

He tends to lie so we won’t get the truth from him.

There are too many women to discuss all of them so I will only go over a few to show what a great choice the Democrats made in selecting him, especially since they are making the war on women a centerpiece of the convention. Sandra “contraception” Fluke will be one of the speakers and we know what she is going to say about the Republicans’ views on women.

Capitol Hill Blues‘ Doug Thompson wrote about Bill Clinton and his sexual assaults/liaisons. The Sydney Morning Herald has a summary of the most likely affairs, making reference to Thompson’s research.

One concerned Eileen Wellstone who was a 19-year-old student when she met Clinton in a pub. She filed a rape complaint against him in 1969 while he was at Oxford. She reconfirmed the incident to reporters in 1999. Clinton admitted to having sex with the girl, but claimed it was consensual.The victim’s family declined to pursue the case.

According to Thompson’s research that was the reason Clinton did not finish his studies at Oxford; he was asked to not return because of the incident. Thompson claims to have verified the information from a State Department employee who had known the circumstances in the case.

Elizabeth Ward Gracen, a former Miss America and actress, admitted she had sex with Clinton in 1982, when he was Governor of Arkansas. After she admitted the one-night stand with Clinton, she said she was hounded by the IRS. Read at the NY Post

Juanita Broaddrick speaks about her encounter with Clinton:

Kathleen Willey told CBS’s 60 Minutes she was groped by President Clinton in the White House on November 29, 1993. She claimed sexual assault, intimidations, and threats by Clinton.

Cristy Zercher was the recipient of unwelcomed sexual advances. Read at NY Daily News

Paula Jones (AR) suffered through unwelcomed sexual advances and exposure which bordered on sexual assault. Clinton settled with Paula Jones for $850,000. She was later audited by the IRS.

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Carolyn Moffet, after meeting Clinton in 1979, said he exposed himself to her in a hotel room and asked for oral sex.

Monica Lewinsky went through a full-fledged character assault after her admissions which Clinton denied repeatedly. He was impeached for lying to Congress about the affair.

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Linda Tripp, who was a friend of Monica Lewinsky’s, was fired from her job at the Pentagon after she released tapes that led to Clinton’s impeachment. [WaPo]

Gennifer Flowers went through an intense character assassination after she admitted a 12 year affair with Clinton.

Sally Perdue said she had an affair with Clinton. In SPOTLIGHT, February 7,1994, she said:

“I still have this picture of him, wearing my black nightgown, playing the sax badly, this guy, tiptoeing across the park and getting caught on the fence.”

Only the London Sunday Telegraph reported Ms. Perdue’s story and the physical threats made against her by Clinton associates. One of them was that they would break her “pretty little legs.”

There are others, Betty Dalton, Denise Reeder, et al.

The right-leaning media – okay, it’s only fox – seems focused on the comparison to be made between Clinton’s success managing the country’s economy as compared with Obama’s abject failure which will be all the more pronounced when Clinton gives his keynote speech. I, on the other hand, think the war on women issue is far more interesting and exposes the Democrats’ hypocrisy.

There is no question Bill Clinton had many successes as President. In many important ways, he shines compared to Barack Obama, however, he disgraced the office and he is now allowed to play the role of elder statesman. I sure hope he doesn’t mention his support for women because I’ll gag.

Everyone is talking about Akin’s nonsensical “legitimate rape” comment but no one seems to care about Clinton being accused of rape, legitimately.

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