Bill Clinton “Done” Attacked Coal Miners


Bill Clinton is continuing the attack on coal miners, using bad grammar to show how down home he is. We used his favorite word “done” in the title to commemorate his new presidential English.

“Now I want to say one other thing,” Bill said. “We all know how her opponents done real well down in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky because the coal people don’t like any of us anymore. They all voted for me. I won twice, and I did well. And they blame the president when the Sun doesn’t come up in the morning now.” (Laughter)

Nice how he can joke about people about to lose their livelihoods.

Hillary made clear that she will fire all the coal miners after she does away with the coal companies. She will set up imaginary jobs for them putting solar plants together. Later she tried to say she just meant she would add alternative energy.

She’s a walking gaffe.