Remember When Bill Clinton Ordered the Firing of All Republican U.S. Attorneys


Democrats are bawling over the firing of the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and calling it the Monday Night Massacre, referencing Richard Nixon by comparison.

Yates was insubordinate but the media is characterizing the firing as Yates standing up for principle on the immigration ban.

It’s not unconstitutional. Yates was told by her own department lawyers that the ban is constitutional. That won’t stop the lying from the Democrat hacks.

When George Bush fired eight of the 93 in the Justice Department, the left went wild also.

President Trump should just go for it and fire the Democrat U.S. attorneys. It isn’t unusual to do this.

Remember when Bill Clinton told Janet Reno to fire all Republican U.S. attorneys, all 93 across the country, in 1993? They wanted a department that reflected their administration.

The Clintons were good at firing. You might remember the Travelgate scandal. They fired the people who do all the travel arrangements, then hired their friends who happened to have flown on an airplane once.


  1. I appreciate having this kind of information out, otherwise I would never have known. I was still young during the Clinton administration.

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