Bill Clinton Scolds Black Lives Matter Trouble Makers at a Campaign Event in Philly


Bill Clinton can say things his wife can’t say but he might also have to take a low profile if he keeps telling the truth on the campaign trail. It’s unfortunate that he backed down by Friday on his Thursday comments to Black Lives Matter. “I know those young people yesterday were just trying to get good television,” Mr. Clinton said Friday. “But that doesn’t mean that I was most effective in answering it.”

Bill Clinton was speaking in Philadelphia on Thursday and ended up in an angry exchange with the hate group Black Lives Matter. They heckled him over his 1994 criminal justice reform bill. Clinton is accused of starting the mass incarceration of blacks though many of those imprisoned because of the bill were gangbangers and crack dealers who fell victim to the third strike law.

For about 15 minutes, the Black Lives Matter trouble makers harassed him, forcing him to defend his record and his wife’s.

“I don’t know how you would characterize gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other African-American children,” an animated Mr. Clinton said, waving a finger at the protesters. “Maybe you thought they were good citizens. She didn’t,” he said of Mrs. Clinton.

In 1994, Bill Clinton was trying to crack down on gangs. The bill did put many in jail for long prison terms though they were only caught with a small amount of drugs. It happens too often in sweeps but on the other side of the coin, many imprisoned were drug dealers who turned American streets into urban killing fields.

They were often cold-blooded drug dealers who turned young children into crack addicts, making them into their slaves. The drug peddlers committed the most horrendous crimes and still do. They deserve no pity and should never see the light of day.

Al Sharpton recalled those days saying, “I was painting crack houses saying, ‘Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it. But when that bill came out, we panicked because we felt it would go too far.”

Clinton’s bill was misguided in many ways in hindsight but what’s happening now doesn’t work either. American children are becoming addicted at ever higher rates. We are importing drugs with the people coming here illegally so businesses can have cheap labor.

It’s impossible to go back decades and act like an armchair quarterback today. It doesn’t work.

Drug dealers destroy the communities far more than any crime bills.

The Black Lives Matter groups, which represent the far-left, go from political event to political event in order to disrupt and get attention. They are funded by leftists like George Soros. Whatever good arguments they have are lost because of their ideology and their despicable tactics.