Bill Clinton Tries To Cliché Bruce Braley Into Office As Ernst Soars In The Polls


Bruce Braley wants to be a senator from Iowa – the America Heartland – but apparently he’s not too impressed by farmers. He recently insulted Sen. Chuck Grassley in an ad saying he was just a farmer who never went to law school and Iowans would have him as chairman, suggesting Grassley is not competent.

Bruce Braley has had the biggest names show up to push his candidacy, even Michelle Obama who didn’t even know his name. On Saturday, it was Bill Clinton who is trying to use a catchy phrase to bring Braley to prominence with three days left in the campaign.


He praised Braley as the “grow-together, work-together” candidate that Washington needs.

Clinton said Braley could help the federal government overcome dysfunction and lead the country in a positive direction, while Republican opponent Joni Ernst would drive Americans apart.

So far, it’s only the Democrats driving us apart.

Left-wing singer James Taylor showed up to bring up the attendance. Braley introduced him saying, “When you’re down, in trouble, and you need a helping hand. And nothing is going right. All you have to do is call. And as your senator, I’ll be there.”

Oh brother.

With all that star power, there were only about 600 Democrats in attendance.

Joni Ernst has taken a 7-point lead according to The Des Moines Register’s final Iowa Poll.

Joni Ernst said Bill Clinton is welcomed and it’s too bad Barack Obama couldn’t make it.