Bill De Blasio Wants to Mandate Every Aspect of Your Lives


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Bill de Blasio is paying four health-advocacy groups to bully landlords and developers into banning smoking in peoples’ own apartments so the secondhand smoke won’t waft into neighbor’s residences.

People won’t be able to smoke even in their own homes if they share a wall with someone, but don’t worry, it’s all voluntary for now. Hitler probably said that once too.

It’s for the common good so everyone has clean air.

Smoking is already banned in bars, restaurants, workplaces, sports arenas, parks and everywhere outside of them.

De Blasio released a “sustainability blueprint” that released this information. The blueprint, “One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City,” said that de Blasio is seeking legislation that would require apartment buildings to have a “smoking policy” to “disclose it to residents and prospective residents.”

This is what happens when the collective is in charge. You’re not safe anywhere.

Even though he’s right about the dangers of smoking, the government shouldn’t be making our decisions for us. We need to be free to make the wrong decision. We are not a group, we are individuals. It’s not the job of government elitists to decide what is good for us or not and then find ways to enforce their will. They always start with “voluntary” compliance with pressure and it gets worse from there.

What’s next? We know salt, sugar, Big Gulps, large popcorns in movie theaters, cupcakes in school, and baby formula were on nanny Bloomberg’s hit list and De Blasio has promised to continue the banning. He wants to help us live “healthier lives.”

I’m all for fresher air and healthier food, I don’t like cigarettes or smoke, but shouldn’t we be convincing people instead of bullying them? What happens when they don’t abide by the “voluntary” suggestions? Fines? Imprisonment?

I have only this to say to the government bosses, Get out of my life! I can’t stand you and I don’t need you!

Source: NY Post and Free Beacon


  1. Big Daddy Government will tell what to eat, where to sleep, where to live, you must have health insurance, you can’t walk/talk or make a move without Big Daddy permission. It’s called a Dictatorship.

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