Bill O’Reilly – Hands Down Winner for Bronx Cheer of the Month Award


“…gas prices are on the rise again because as the economy strengthens, global demand for oil increases.” ~ Barack Hussein Obama

“…the price of gasoline over the long haul should be expected to go up.” ~ Steven Chu, Anti-Energy Secretary

“…the price of gasoline over the long haul should be expected to go up.” ~ Chu again

I usually like to give this award to the many deserving collectivists out there, but when an alleged Independent acts stupidly, it cannot be ignored.

O’Reilly has this thing about speculators being the main reason for the rising gas prices. I don’t doubt that there is some issue with that, but, duh, do you think closing down off-shore drilling, not allowing the building of refineries, the shutting down of Keystone and Alaska drilling, EPA of 2012 rules, BP et al moving to China, and taxing oil and gas to death might have a little something to do with our problem?

Why is O’Reilly so upset with them making profits? Is he an OWS now? Gas & oil better make profits now because Obama is going to tax them into oblivion ASAP and they know it. They are prepping for the inevitable.

Last night, O’Reilly had Charles Drena, President of American Fuel and Petrochemicals, on for an “interview.” All O’Reilly did was rant at Mr. Drena, did not let him finish a sentence, and, not-for-nothing, why didn’t O’Reilly have a speculator rep on since that was his issue. Mr. Drena is representing our dying refineries, not speculators.

I think O’Reilly’s main point was that he wants gas companies to give up profit to lower gas prices so Obama can get re-elected while Obama’s direct cause and effect relationship with the problem that he promised would happen.

Fact is that the U.S. is one of the leading exporters of fuel. It is keeping us going. It is giving people jobs! Eventually, we won’t even have this because Obama won’t let us build refineries. Our fuel prices have NOTHING to do with not having fuel. We have enough fuel!!! O’Reilly refused to listen to what the man tried to say – the lack of fuel is NOT the problem.

I don’t want to repeat myself so if you want to find out about refineries and our exportation of fuel – read this: Fuel, our most valuable export

Listen to the following video and tell me O’Reilly was reasonable, on message, and directing his questions to the proper audience.

In this video Obama is making himself quite clear –

I have this theory that FoxNews is under under attack by the Backdoor Fairness Doctrine leftists. However, it is not acceptable to give Obama a pass and attack a refinery rep for maybe, possibly, what some speculators might be doing.

Here’s one for you O’Reilly – Bronx