Bill O’Reilly Calls for Suspension of “Some Constitutional Rights” for the “Greater Good”



This would be one dangerous road to go down.

Bill O’Reilly wants to suspend some constitutional rights for the “greater good which should always prevail” and he’s talking about Due Process. That’s dangerous because the no-fly list they are talking about is literally a joke among intelligence professionals.

He also said Americans should not be able to own bazookas, mortars or machine guns. Well, they can’t now.

We shouldn’t even be having this conversation, we should be talking about the terror attack. Obama has manipulated the debate and all the ducks are lining up.

“Due process is a problem because Mateen was not arrested, did not have a record,” O’Reilly said. “So under Florida law he was able to buy whatever he wanted to buy. Congress should debate a law that says, if you are on a federal watch list as a suspected terrorist, then some of your rights are suspended just by being on that list. And here are the rights that are suspended: can’t buy a gun, can’t get on the plane, can’t go to the Deli and then pass the law so everybody knows.”

O’Reilly just admitted it wouldn’t have stopped Mateen so why is he discussing it?

Suspending Due Process is very dangerous. It keeps law enforcement within legal limits, without which we’d have a USSR like system in which “anything goes” for the government, and citizens would have no recourse when law enforcement acts in an inappropriate or illegal manner.

Without due process rights we are no longer a nation under “rule of law” — we are at the mercy of a government with unlimited power to detain, imprison and take our rights away.

In the seventh Novanglus letter, John Adams wrote that “the British constitution is much more like a republic than an empire…a government of laws, and not of men.”

Our ruling class is choosing to follow only the laws it wants to follow with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the worst offenders. Do you think we will live in a nation of laws if Hillary enacts all the fiats she has planned such as full amnesty for anyone who managed to get into our country? She will take our guns and she will silence those who criticize any of her favored groups.

People should understand that these people at Fox cable news are liberals. Hannity, Stoessel and Judge Napolitano aren’t but I wouldn’t put any bets on the rest of them.


When the Republicans filibuster, their bills don’t come to the floor but when the Democrats do it, they Republicans cave and bring the bills to the floor like these gun bills they are going to vote on. They are compromise bills with the leftist Al Franken and Fascist Mike Bloomberg.

The gun bills should be ignored because the president is distracting the American people and changing the conversation from the real problem which is radical Islamic terrorism.

This morning, CIA Director John Brennan made it quite clear that the threat from ISIS is spreading globally and it is especially dangerous in Libya where the terrorists have taken over the coast. Libya, of course is the country Hillary Clinton destroyed with an illegal, ill-advised, and unnecessary war.

No GOP politician should be talking about gun control. They should be out railing against the lack of action by this president. Obama does the bare minimum and worries about environmental damage before we do the insignificant bombing we do engage in.

After this attack on the innocent people in the Pulse, he should have responded by bombing the ISIS capital in Raqqa – the belly of the beast. Al-Baghdadi needs to be sent to Hell with his 72 raisins [some Islamic scholars say the text says ‘raisins’ not ‘virgins’.]

The truly awful leftist senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy said, “It is ridiculous. It’s red herring. The fact of the matter is there has not been a single Republican coming on the floor to protest the lack of due process for individuals who are on the terrorist watch list, who can’t fly a plane. We all accept that’s an important protection that terrorist should not fly a plane. Well, they also shouldn’t be able to buy a powerful firearm that we now know is capable of killing 50 people. Now, the Feinstaien proposal has due process in it and has a means to grieve your inclusion on that list. That’s not an issue. The NRA just does not want any of this to happen because they are dead set against anything that would make this country safer at the expense of the gun industry.”

There is no due process in it. It comes much later – well after the fact.



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