Billions of Dollars in New Obama Regulations Will Affect Everyone



Billions of dollars in new regulations and a great loss of freedom for everyone:

via Fox News

“The regulators are very powerful.” Their reach extends into every corner of U.S. business operations and private property.

“They control the cost of the products that you buy, your living conditions, your work conditions, limit the kinds of activities that you can do,” Malcolm said [John Malcolm, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies]

He also notes that many of the regulations carry significant civil and criminal penalties and that average Americans sometimes wind up in jail – even when they aren’t aware of the provision they’re ultimately convicted of violating.

Marx believed in redistributing the wealth, seizing property (inheritance tax which all but ensures that land won’t be passed down), nationalizing health care (Obama plans to nationalize energy and education), high taxation, excessive spending, abuse by agencies, regulations and rules. What a coincidence!